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Contaminated Water

by Eco Generation | 08-07-2015 16:21 Comments 19 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Environmental Comics 1.Contaminated Water


  • Lyne Kazan says :
    Really nice way to learn.

    Posted 14-11-2015 01:34

  • Parbati Pandey says :
    This is how we can spread the messages to a larger mass in a simple way :)(I know it takes a lot of hard work to make it )

    Posted 18-08-2015 22:58

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    The comics are really awesome! It is an amazing way to learn a lot! Great to know about the sewer system in Korea and around the world!

    Posted 17-07-2015 19:47

Anthony Emecheta

  • Anthony Emecheta says :
    This is way to go. Comics would really catch the attention of young minds and youths. I really enjoyed this one. Kudos Tunza
    Posted 10-07-2015 10:15

  • Prashant Bhandari says :
    Comics definitely create strong neural pathways than simple words.
    Nice beginning, looking forward to reading these 😁
    Posted 09-07-2015 23:04

Luiz Bispo

  • Luiz Bispo says :
    Wow. I really DO love Tunza!!! That is so cool!!! =D Thanks!!!
    Posted 09-07-2015 03:53

  • susmita gaire says :
    hehe.......knowledge and fun ....good initiative.....congratulation and good luck eco. gen.
    Posted 09-07-2015 03:51

  • Reshma Gurung says :
    Very interesting n attractive comic. Great job ecogen n keep it up :)
    Posted 09-07-2015 01:39

Sujan Adhikari

  • Sujan Adhikari says :
    Waooo, Awareness through cartoons are hopeful )
    Posted 09-07-2015 00:36

  • Rahul Acharya says :
    Now comic got so much interesting and intelligent
    kudos to eco generation effort 😆
    Posted 08-07-2015 21:10

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    WOW!Interesting way to enrich our knowledge. Great initiative , Eco Gen. Thanks for making learning so easy and full of fun.
    Posted 08-07-2015 18:34

  • Manav Jha says :
    Wow! Comics are an innovative way of spreading environmental awareness! I liked the hairstyle of the scientist:)
    Posted 08-07-2015 17:55

  • Alina Ale says :
    Interesting way of environmental information dissemination. :)
    Posted 08-07-2015 17:10

  • Kyuhwan Oh says :
    Posted 08-07-2015 16:59

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