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Winners of June's Monthly Photo Essay Competition

by Eco Generation | 28-06-2012 17:07 | Status : Finished   Comments 7 Comments

Dear Tunza Eco-generation,

Please enjoy how our Tunza Eco-generation live thier green life all around the world. Winner certificate for Photo and essay goes to Lohita. S! Congrats and thank you for sharing your green secrets!

We'll soon update all the green photos on the Winners bulletin!

Name Country Title Essay
Lohita S United Arab Emirates LOHITA DAILY GREEN ACTIONS I brush with a glass of water, bathe with small bucket of water, wear cotton dress for natural ventilation and reduce air conditioning, use maximum natural lighting, use energy saver bulbs, avoid keeping equipments on standby (avoid use of remote control), use jute bags for shopping, separate daily the waste thrown in municipal bins and help more recycling, reduce wasteful gifts, avoid plastics, share books from library, use rewritable CDs and flash drives instead of one time use CD-ROMs, use reusable cutlery for food and beverages instead of small bottles and cans, spread eco awareness to friends and recycle more.
Neha Swaminathan United Arab Emirates NEHA SWAMINATHAN GREEN LIFE I reduce water speed in taps and use sparingly for brushing and bathing, use half tank mode for urinal flushing, use natural lighting during day with family in one room, use Air-conditioning only when required and set temperature at 26C, use energy saver roof lights instead of table lamps, cook food removed from refrigerator after bringing to room temperature, wash clothes in full load cold water, use water from washing vegetables for plants, avoid plastics for shopping, read e-newspaper, share books from library, say no to tissue paper, dispose waste in right municipal bins, recycle more, plant trees, spread eco-awareness.
rajashree choudhury India TitleMaking life simpler to adopt Green way in lifestyle. Daily I woke up at 5 AM to get fresh-air and study in sun-light. Manage all personal washings, cleaning and bath within 20 Litters of water per day by using bucket and mug. I wash my cloths myself without using of washing machine and study in balcony in day light and natural air. For rough work, I am using erasable board and waste material to make flowers, pen-stand and dresses etc. I make compost to grow garden from kitchen waste and travel to school by public-transport . Like these many systems I am following in my personnel life to make the earth greener.
Kritika Narula India Dear Mother Earth "sincerely yours" Without an iota of exaggeration, my life's an endeavour towards green lifestyle. An ideal day starts with watering,nurturing the plants in the park. I try to contribute in every minuscule way possible –by using eco-friendly stationery, solar calculators, sun-drying clothes, deploying reusable bottles/bags for daily purposes. The indispensable weekly candlelight dinners, (saving energy) and walking for short distances are habits woven into my conscience. Moreover, I volunteer for ecology-drives and demonstrations conducted in our colony, with an infectious enthusiasm and unflinching commitment. Little seeds of mercy sown by youthful hands, grow to bless the nations far in heathen lands.
Shibajyoti Choudhury India TitleTo make the earth greener living like miser I follow 'early to bed and early to rise'concept to reduce electricity consumption and maximize use of solar energy. My electricity consumption is limited to 3 KW per month by using of 5 Watt. CFL bulb in toilet and 8 Watt. in study table. In winter, water for bathing warms in direct sun heat. I always carry cloth bags ( To avoid use of plastic bags ) to market, purchase local vegetable only and eat vegetarian food. Use lesser number cloths for longer period after repetitive repair. One torn full-pant, I use after conversion to half-pant lastly use as shopping bags. By applying these types of many ideas, I am trying to make the earth greener, which helping me to save money like miser.
Unmesh Datta United Arab Emirates Green, Green, Green is everywhere!!! I always insist my parents follow ?00 miles diet?as far as possible to buy foods produced locally. Daily while going to bed, I look at the electric gadgets like TV/Music systems/Laptop if these are switched off totally from the source. Recently myself &my 'Green Brigade(A Facebook group who cares about environment) campaigned to save water in some simple ways with our own flyers. I collect newspapers, plastics and aluminum cans from households to send them for recycling purpose. I am a firm believer of 'Green Life' which is an essential for a healthy & meaningful life.
Prerana Pai United Arab Emirates Green Living - My inherent Nature My lifestyle since I can remember had been with a minimal carbon footprint, thanks to my eco-friendly parents. Our house has only energy-efficient lights; we pull out the plugs immediately using any electrical appliance, water plants in the early mornings, recycle everyday and prefer walking to cars whenever possible. These habits have been imbibed in me to the core and for us, everyday is an earth day and every hour an earth hour. My green nature helps me be eco-friendly at every step at home, at school or on vacation. "Earth is our Mother-Respect and Take care of it"
Syahadah Rizka Anefi Indonesia My Idea of Sustainable Lifestyle for Sustainable Future The future that I want is preserve sustainability of our environment, by realizing society that event small things we're done for our environment such as: separate organic and an-organic waste, doing small reforestation like planting trees around us, and using eco-friendly transportation that hopefully can reduce the consumption of gasoline. I also try to make my effort become sustainable by introducing simulation game called Ecomonopoly to children as young generations. By doing so, I hope children are able to learn how to preserve the environment. I've also make a video to inspire others about my sustainable lifestyle : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qLieCoYDPI
Simran Vedvyas United Arab Emirates FOCUS AND DETERMINATION WILL LEAD THE WAY - 3 continents visit On World Environment Day 2012 I pledged to mobilize 5000 youth and spread the word of Sustainable Development and the Future we want. I traveled to Rio for Youth Blast, Earth Summit and UN CSD prep meetings to fulfill purpose. I traveled back and within a day I traveled to UK and carried the London Olympic Torch, the media releases carried my views. I got back and currently I am at International Youth Forum India trying to achieve same purpose. I fulfilled my pledge and beyond. 3 continents FOCUS AND DETERMINATION WILL LEAD THE WAY FOR THE GREEN
JessicaWinda Prima Indonesia My Green Life with Komposter When I become a supervisor for Project Based on Exchage–Social Entrepreneur in AIESEC Unand, we had a trip to `Bank Sampah? I learned that is not only an-organic trash but organic trash also need to be recycled, because they can produce a bad smell and unhealthy environment. In this occasion, I learned to process organic trash become organic fertilizer (liquid and solid) with a recycled `komposter?(made from pint and powder tin). At home I can put vegetables, and fruits then we mixed it with bacteria. Only need 2 weeks to get fertilizer and give it to my plants.
Kehkashan Basu United Arab Emirates Inject the Green Gene in your daily life I close the tap while brushing my teeth, take shower not bath, segregate the waste in my house for recycling,keep the thermostat one degree higher,use CFL at home,eat mainly organic and locally produced food,observe meat free day once a week, go vegan twice a week and switch off lights in unoccupied rooms. I am now in Rio and in the hotel I am staying in ,I put a sign on the bed advising hotel staff not to change the bed sheets everyday as this helps to save water and reduces pollutant emission from detergents.Even in Rio,I practice green living.


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    Congratulations to all
    Posted 27-12-2013 12:17

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    Very Good topic
    Posted 27-12-2013 03:15

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    nice !
    Posted 16-12-2013 03:02

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    I like to see this commitments made earlier.
    Posted 17-03-2013 12:06

  • Simran Vedvyas says :
    Thanks Eco Generation, Eco Lifestyle is what we all need to move forward, Kudos to all Eco Generation team and Members.
    Posted 04-07-2012 21:27

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    Congratulations to all and a big thank you to Eco Generation for encouraging us.
    Posted 29-06-2012 15:28

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    Congratulation to all Green letter writers,
    Green path followers are the real winners,
    Each have own path to save G.H. Gases
    All ten winners are ahead of Green races.

    Posted 29-06-2012 00:32

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