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[ONLY] The 16th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 17-02-2016 18:56 | Status : Finished   Comments 14 Comments

Dear the 16th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors,


Please submit your Consent and Request From at the Application form page at an attachment.

In the content cell, Please put your messages to Eco-generation team! 

Deadline is February 21, 2016 (GMT 0)


  • says :
    Thank you Eco-generation,We will continue to create a beautiful environment .
    Congratulation all the selected AMBASSADORS and we will work together.
    Bye see you all
    Posted 24-02-2016 02:32

  • says :
    Hey buddies! I am so thankful to Eco-generation. this is my first time to work with an international org. I wish together we will do it as we can. All the best everybody!
    Posted 23-02-2016 21:02

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thankx Tunza Eco Gen for yet another term. Congrats to all the new and extended ambassadors. Let's continue making difference to the world and to the environment.
    Posted 23-02-2016 20:39

  • says :
    hi guys! it's been so unexpected to be here, hope to have a fulfilling year ahead
    Posted 23-02-2016 15:44

  • says :
    Glad to be here among so many youth leaders. Thanks for the opportunity Tunza Eco :)
    Posted 22-02-2016 19:35

  • says :
    Thanks eco gen for this amazing opportunity.
    Posted 22-02-2016 18:42

  • says :
    Nice to see many new faces along with old green faces.

    Posted 22-02-2016 02:45

  • says :
    Done :)
    Posted 22-02-2016 00:02

  • says :
    Hi everybody, you such a brilliant group. I am looking forward to working with everyone.
    Posted 21-02-2016 21:24

  • says :
    I'm done! ^^
    Posted 21-02-2016 13:58

  • says :
    Done submitting mine, last night. Once again, thank you Tunza Eco-generation team!
    Posted 21-02-2016 12:40

  • says :
    I submitted the form and am excited about participating!
    Posted 21-02-2016 12:21

  • says :
    Thank you Tunza Eco-gen, we will continue to make a remarkable difference in the environment all over the world.
    Posted 21-02-2016 06:53

  • says :
    Submitted the form.But i couldn't give a tentative date for the program to be held..
    Posted 21-02-2016 01:51

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