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[ONLY] The 25th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

by Eco Generation | 28-08-2020 15:51 | Status : Finished   Comments 18 Comments

Once again, we would like to express our congratulations to all our 25th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors!


By clicking the 'Application form' tab, we would like to ask all of our 25th E-gen Ambassadors to submit their 'Consent and Rquest Form' which we've sent to your emails.


Please make sure to submit your form by September 6th 2020 (GMT 0) through TUNZA Eco-generation website.


 - Please check your e-mail inbox, fill out the form and submit through TUNZA Eco-generation website at E-gen Event>Monthly Event> [ONLY] The 25th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors (Application form tab) by September 6th 2020 (GMT 0).


- If you do not require any promotional goods, then you don't have to submit this form.


- Please DO NOT submit your form via email.


- The promotional goods can only be provided to the qualified Ambassador who manages to submit the form within the given deadline and Ambassadors who successfully manages to post 2 mandatory reports in September.


- The result reports including the pictures of each event above must be posted on the Ambassador Report page within 7 days after the event. It is to confirm that the requested goods are used in the proposed way.


* The personal information provided in the form cannot be changed after submission. If you have any change in the Consent and Request Form before the deadline, please visit the My page tab in the Monthly Event page, delete your previous submission and then submit the new file. The information will be utilized to make your business cards in September, which will be sent along with the rest of the promotional goods in October.



If you have not received the 'Consent and Request From' via email, please send us an email at ecogeneration@samsung.com.



We look forward to your active postings and participations for the next six months.


All the Best,

Eco-generation Team


[ONLY] The 25th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors


Sushant Hugge

  • Sushant Hugge says :
    Wow best opportunity
    Posted 07-08-2021 21:27

Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

Madhu Aryal

  • Madhu Aryal says :
    thank you so much for sharing.

    Posted 03-09-2020 17:04

Vazira Ikhtiyorova

Ifrah Kamil

  • Ifrah Kamil says :
    Congratulations to everyone!!
    Posted 02-09-2020 17:45

  • null says :
    Thank you Tunza!
    Regards to all the ambassadors.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone and working together :)
    Posted 02-09-2020 13:52 Delete

  • Shivani Rajiv says :
    I have sent my essay right now and it was submitted on the Regional Ambassadors' page..hope its alright.
    Posted 02-09-2020 02:54

  • Shayna vinoth says :
    I sent for the 13th eco generationation contest and the page led up to this page about the The 25th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors. am I in the right place??
    Posted 02-09-2020 01:53

Paras Kunwar

  • Paras Kunwar says :
    Congratulation all
    Posted 01-09-2020 02:39

  • Asmita Bhusal says :
    Congratulations to all ambassadors. Best wishes too!!
    Posted 31-08-2020 16:45

Kiki Nurwahyuni

  • Kiki Nurwahyuni says :
    Thank You Tunza Eco Generation!
    congratulations for everyone!
    Posted 31-08-2020 07:38

Prem Prakash Budhathoki

Shobita Neupane

Kenty Nkamicaniye

  • Kenty Nkamicaniye says :
    Thank you looking forward to making the World a better place together with you guys.
    Posted 30-08-2020 06:03


  • ALOK DHAKAL says :
    Thank You Tunza Eco Generation

    Posted 29-08-2020 14:56

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Thank You Eco Generation
    Posted 28-08-2020 17:43

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Eager and excited for the next term.
    Best wishes to all the fellow ambassadors.
    Posted 28-08-2020 16:12

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