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[India] Environmental Essay Competition for GYELS

by Eco Generation | 15-11-2013 16:07 | Status : Finished   Comments 5 Comments

2014 GYELS

2014 Global Youth Eco-Leadership Summit

Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition 

in India


   Samsung Engineering India would like to invite two students representing India to Korea for 2014 Global Youth Eco-Leadership Summit to explore the environmental awareness activities. To select the qualified students who can attend this program, Samsung Engineering India would like to hold a preliminary competition exclusively for the students attending intermediate schools. Winners will be given the fully sponsored trip to Seoul, Korea in February 2014.



•   To raise awareness among youth within the community toward conservation of the environment

•   To grow Eco-leaders in India by enhancing global leadership resulting from participating in the international event

•   To fulfill the social responsibility through educating the future generation


competition details

      Eligibility: Students aged between 13-15 in India

*Applicants who have Indian nationality must apply the 2014 Global Youth Eco-Leadership Summit via 'Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition in India'. Otherwise, submitted applications to wrong category(Global, Saudi Arabia) will not be considered.

      Submission: November 18 – December 18

      Topic: Climate change and sustainable cities 

                  – Sustainable city that I dream

      Winner Announcement: First week of January, 2014

      Awarding Ceremony : Mid January 2014

      How to Submit: Tunza Eco-generation website/Egen Event/Monthly Event 

                                <Application Form>

Only one entry per student allowed.

      Prize details



Prize includes

Competition Winners


Eco-generation certificate and trip to Korea

for 2014 Global Youth Eco-Leadership Summit

Honorable Mentions


Certificate of the Honorable Mention


* Trip to Korea will last for 5 days from Feb 11 to Feb 15, 2014. Guardian from Samsung Engineering India shall accompany the trip. All flights and accommodation will be covered with meal allowances also provided. Economy class flight tickets will be offered. Two winners shall share one twin room. English speaking skill is mandatory to participate in the program. Former delegates of the Global Youth for the Environment Forum are not eligible to enter the 2014 Global Youth Eco-Leadership Summit. For more details of the trip, please contact ecogeneration@samsung.com 





1.           No entry fee is required.

2.           Samsung Engineering reserves First Rights on all submissions. 

              All other rights to the essay remain the property of the author.

3.           All entries must be original works, in English.

              Plagiarism and off topic will result in disqualification.

4.           Entries may not have been previously published in professional media.

5.           Entries must be from 600 to 800 words in length.

6.           Entrants must first register at Tunza.eco-generation.org 

              to be able to submit their article online.

7.           All entries must be double spaced, with numbered pages 

             in one of the following formats. 

             All other formats will be disqualified.

a.           MS Word

b.           Adobe PDF

c.           Word Perfect

8.           The entry must have a cover page with the title of the work, the author's name,

             full mailing address, telephone number and email address. Every subsequent page 

            must carry the title and a page number, but NOT the author's name 

            (to facilitate fair judging).

9.           Each entrant may submit only one essay per contest.

10.         All entries are final. No revisions are accepted.

11.          The decisions of the judges are final and are entirely their 

               own and in no part represents the opinion of Samsung Engineering.

12.         At the discretion of the judges, all well written essays 

              may be published on the Web site.

13.         Winners will be individually notified of the results.


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    nice initiative
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    thank you for giving us such a great opportunity
    Posted 23-12-2013 23:51

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    gr8 chance
    Posted 15-12-2013 21:13

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    happy to hear about that.
    Posted 15-12-2013 17:04

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    that's intersting
    Posted 15-12-2013 06:42

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