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2015 GYEF Keynote speaker - Michael Reid

Junior Engineering Academy

by Eco Generation | 30-12-2014 13:34 Comments 13 Comments

We would like to introduce one of the keynote speakers to the 2015 Global Youth for the Environment Forum.

Michael Reid

Title: Cleaning Beach Campaign

Michael Reid_Profile image

He is a prominent environmental activist who plans beach cleaning, junk art show and many other environmental campaigns.

Major Experiences

Volunteer Caretaker, Stephen Gerard Park, Philadelphia PA          Aug 2007 - June 2009
       -Assisted with the care and maintenance of the park.
       -Organized and carried out community cleanups 
        -Acted as liaison between youth groups and the head caretaker.

Assistant OrganizerEducationWorks, Philadelphia PA   June 2009 - June 2012
        -Planned beautification projects in local communities with student volunteers
        -Assisted with 'Martin Luther King Day of Service' cleaning projects

Founding Member Life Recycled, Yamaguchi Japan       April 2013 - Present 
       -Coordinating and organizing beach cleanups, art shows and community events
       -Establishing partnerships with City Government and Non Profit Organizations
       -Representing Life Recycled at national and international workshops/presentations
       -Organizing fundraising events and applying for Grant funding

Japan to South Korea by Kayak
Map of kayaking from Japan to Korea

Participating in the first kayak expedition to go from Japan to Korea with the goal of uniting Japan and Korea, two of the largest stakeholders in the fight to control ocean pollution, under a common goal of protecting our oceans and beaches. 

Also, he has organized over 12 beach cleanups and participated in 6 trash art shows and 5 community events. Our message of environmental protection has spread through both print and TV media in Japan and Korea. 

Activities photos

This is a picture of some high school students at park cleanup I organized as volunteer caretaker of Stephen Gerard Park in Philadelphia, PA (USA).

This is a picture of a beach cleanup I organized as founding member of Life Recycled.

This is a picture of a Trash Art necklace that was made during a recent workshop we gave about beach trash. The small tubes pictured are a very common type of beach trash in the Seto Uchi Sea.

This is a picture of a Buoy art workshop we held at a local elementary school in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Here the participants are painting a small plastic buoy, a very common piece of beach trash.

Here a child is pictured paining a plastic bottle we found in one of the beach cleanups we did. This bottle was later used as part of an art exhibition.

Here he is pictured at a No Nukes festival in Yamaguchi City where we have a booth to display information about our Japan to Korea kayaking expedition and Life Recycled (our beach cleaning and trash art organization).

Here he is pictured with Koji Hara, local environmental activist, during one of our speeches at the No Nukes festival in Yamaguchi City.


  • says :
    I will work together with my fellow environmentalists to make this happen in Singapore as well!
    Posted 15-02-2015 12:13

  • says :
    Thanks for intoducing about Michael.His works seems to be awesome.
    Posted 14-02-2015 23:25

  • says :
    I must admit that I am impressed....keep up the good work
    Posted 11-02-2015 22:22

  • Jamaica Layos says :
    this is such a great idea. I am planning to propose this idea to our community.

    Posted 08-02-2015 15:41

  • says :
    Posted 25-01-2015 23:50

  • says :
    I love the art and workshops~
    Posted 20-01-2015 15:45

  • says :
    Posted 18-01-2015 13:49

  • says :
    It will be wonderful to interact with Michael Reid, prominent environmental activists and I respect his efforts and involvement for cleaner greener sustainable environment. See him soon :)
    Posted 14-01-2015 01:51

  • says :
    Its nice to see all this.Clean the enviroment for the future of your childrens
    Posted 10-01-2015 02:49

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Thanks for introducing Michael. He is very active and engaged in variety of environment activities/campaigns. Art workshop is very good.
    Posted 09-01-2015 16:36

  • says :
    Great achievement i go with you..
    Posted 04-01-2015 22:29

  • says :
    It is a good idea and I am impressed by your project.
    Posted 04-01-2015 21:10

  • says :
    I love the idea of the art workshops! Planning to do something similar soon!
    Posted 02-01-2015 02:57

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