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Bayu Wicaksono

Year-Prize: The 9th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition     Item: Fight against illegal trade in wildlife

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The Cause of Illegal Trade In Wildlife

Winner's name : Bayu Wicaksono (Indonesia)
Prize: Honorable Mention

The modern era in which we live in now has made humans live in a very fast rhythm.
Nowadays people try to accelerate in every aspect of their life because they simply want to
simplify the efforts that they have to do in order to fulfill their needs. It is certainly not a bad thing
as the actual intention is to make humans live a better life but apparently in addition to ease and
to satisfy what humans desire, many people get lost and misinterpret the meaning of ?simplifying
life?. They are willing to take any possible way, no matter what, for the sake of personal or certain
group pleasure without to rethink of the good and bad side effects that their act may cause.
Humans get blinded by desire and ego.
In life, humans have strong interaction with nature as the main provider of all the
necessities of life given by God. Human interact with nature to meet their needs.
Indonesia as one of the areas in the world with an abundance of natural resources in
which the people in Indonesia specifically, should be able to manage it well. Many people from
other regions and countries say that Indonesia is a land of paradise because of its natural wealth,

cultural wealth and also wealth of biodiversity but Indonesia as a haven of biodiversity seems to
turn into a terrible nightmare. The balance of nature in Indonesia seems to be broken. Although
the Indonesian government has issued laws regarding nature conservation and development and
has also took public action to minimize negative impacts on nature but it seems that the illegal
sale of protected species is very much still happening in Indonesia. The illegal sale of protected
animals usually sell a lot of animals from diverse areas such as Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi
and even to Papua. They sell birds, mammals, reptiles and also fish that are all considered as an
exotic animal. The animals were taken and traded illegally. These people who do see that their
market share profit can come and grow easily with illegally animal trading. Even trade of
endangered animals take place in public places that are known by many people, including law
enforcement officers.
L o r i s , g i b b o n ,
p e a c o c k s , k a k a t u a ,
rangkok, bird of paradise,
turtles, eagles, deer,
anteaters, and many other
rare and exotic animals are
already widely available on
the public animal market in
Indonesia. Indonesian
actually know where the
animals are supposed to be that is to be free in nature but the public seems to not matter. They
are too blinded with how to make money easily and quickly by selling endangered species.
Rare protected animals are sold freely on the public animal market, even via online social
media. Although being it sold at an expensive price, rare animals are still in demand. Via
Facebook, even a lot of groups specifically serve the buying and selling of exotic animals. To buy
or sell an exotic animal that is very rare becomes so easy. In social media like Facebook, people can easily sell and buy endangered animals as the seller's contact information is provided clearly
so that prospective buyers may contact and arrange the scene to conduct the transaction. In fact,
in some public animal markets in Indonesia, rare animals are just simply placed in front of the

Pictured above is a post that writer accessed on a group buying and selling on Facebook. March, 30 2016
It is ironic indeed when nature conservation activities are intensively conducted. The
public still do not care about the preservation of nature. People's desire to preserve the wildlife is
 covered under the pretext of a desire to conserve individually. They assume that what they are
doing is to preserve endangered species to breed and increase the number of rare and protected
wildlife populations. Regulations and officers on duty to certainly do not have the power if the
people themselves are reckless to care. People consider that the preservation of nature,
including maintaining the survival of animals is a last affair that can only be done when they
achieve better economic conditions. People do not realize that real life is full of these obstacles
and problems may occur because of their careless actions as they always ignore environmental
preservation. Society itself looks like it does not want to change the way they do things regarding
these endangered species. Catching and selling protected wildlife means damaging the
ecosystem and destroying the balance of nature, causing many negative impacts on human life.
But do humans fright the negative impacts? Humans seem to just enjoy it and they end up
making the same mistakes to Mother Nature.
Stopping the sale of rare protected wildlife is not easy but it is needed for the seriousness
of our future. It may be started by dispelling thoughts that having an exotic animal is considered a
pride. Then, stopping the market demand for wildlife. Illegal animal trading will not have
happened if there is no market demand on it. The next thing you can do to cope with wild animals
that have been circulating in the market is to seize such goods, seize the best things that can be
done. Initially there will be a lot of resistance because there may be certain groups or a part of the
society that feel aggrieved by the material but else way people will never realize that illegal sale
of wildlife is detrimental.
Humans and diverse wildlife and nature can prosper together although it will take more
effort to make this happen. Money is not everything to achieve a better life. It is our actions that
will determine what kind of life we will have.


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