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Abiodun Adedapo

Year-Prize: The 10th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition     Item: Connecting People to Nature by rediscovering the value of nature

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Conneting People to Nature

Abiodun Adedapo (Nigeria)

Honorable Mention

Those who once lived in urban regions before relocating to the countryside have come to appreciate the value of nature. Away from the hustling and bustling nature of urban areas, coupled with environmental disturbances caused by anthropogenic activities, the countryside offers a serene environment, thanks to Mother Nature. The  view of trees and flowers around the neighborhood the sound of birds whistling, insects buzzing and chirping the feel of a butterfly perching on one?s back, squirrels playing "hide and seek" and a breath of fresh air, all help to relieve stress and have been proven to lower blood pressure. Hence, aged and stressed persons are often advised to take a trip down the countryside so as to enjoy this soothing feel of Mother Nature.
If the earth had remained the same way the master architect, Mother Nature had designed it, the major environmental problems faced by the world today will not be experienced. Man has succeeded in altering the design made by Nature and this has led to significant changes in the biogeochemical nature of the earth. Man's effort to fill natural depressions, level natural highlands, dredge rivers, sand-fill water bodies, build dams and bridges, construct reservoirs, clear primary forests and destroy wildlife, all in a bid to satisfy man's unlimited wants have caused a shift in the original design of the earth and it is our duty to try to prevent further deviation and restore equilibrium. A visit to some of the remotest islands and undisturbed natural areas on earth gives an idea of a balance in nature, observed in the interaction of living organisms with one another and with their non-living environment. Such undisturbed areas as well as other areas with minimal disturbance should be designated as protected areas so as to conserve the biological diversity as well as the geology of the area.  
Apart from the aesthetic value of exploring nature and natural resources, the utilitarian benefits of natural resources is another important factor that cannot be overemphasized.  All synthetic products have been produced by a combination of various natural resources, although man has failed on his part to ensure the sustainable use of many of these natural resources. Thus, the rate at which natural resources are depleting on a global scale is alarming, especially the non-renewable natural resources. It is however our duty as Homo sapiens to sustainably manage the use of natural resources, if we still want the future generation to use and pass on such resources.
The saying, "live and let live" applies not only to humans but to every living thing. It's sad to see people kill animals just because they fear or dislike them. The fact that all living things exist for a purpose cannot be discarded. Irrespective of the negative economic importance of some animals, there are still some positive importance of such animals. The irony of the matter is that many animals disliked by humans actually have little or no negative effect on humans. Amphibians for example, have been widely detested by man for ages and have been portrayed to have negative effects on man. This is evident in many folktales, where amphibians like frogs and toads are believed to possess warts that are harmful to man whereas in reality, the case is not as believed. Many amphibians, which were formerly labeled as vermin are now treated with less hostility after studies showed that they are less harmful to humans.
Global awareness should be made especially in developing countries on the misconception people have about the negative economic importance of various animals to avoid the indiscriminate and ignorant killing of such animals. Many arthropods especially insects are victims of such mass elimination. An average person kills a not too familiar or not too beautifully looking insect just for the fear of being bitten by such insect. Many are ignorant of the key roles insects play on the planet as pollinators and decomposers. Hence, a global action plan can be to identify such animals and enlighten the masses on the truth about the misconception they have on the animals as well as to explain the key roles many animals play in sustaining the earth.
In culmination, Nature has blessed us with a wide variety of resources in form of food, protection, medicine as well as recreational and aesthetic uses. In turn, we ought to ensure the sustainability of these resources so that future generations can also benefit from what we enjoyed. We should avoid activities that contribute to the depletion of the earth in form of pollution or destruction. Alternative and renewable methods should be employed instead. Let's live and let other living things live. Let's plant a tree today to make a shade for future wayfarers. Let's make this earth better than we met it.

I'm with nature, are you?


Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Well written Abiodun. You writing took us among trees and flowers with whistling birds, buzzing insects and butterflies, squirrels playing 'hide and seek'. You had our complete attention before you started with the logical explanation!
    Posted 29-07-2017 00:24

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