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Amna Ahmed Mohamed Elhassan Omer

Year-Prize: 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2017 Nominees

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2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominee - Amna

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■ Name: Amna Ahmed Mohamed Elhassan Omer (Sudan)
■ Nominated by Razaan Alaa Eldin Ageeb Abkar
■ Achievement Summary

Sudan Youth Parliament for Water
1. Action background description
Amna established SYPW with the mission to promote the potentials of Sudanese youth to contribute in the application of the Sustainable Development Goal No.6. In one Year SYPW implemented more than 30 different activities ranging from educational and awareness programs to Advocacy and field projects. SYPW has more than 130 active members.
SYPW acting at all levels: from local communities, where they implement concrete actions to international water debates; where they advocate for youth participation in the water sector.
2. Achievements
In less than one year, SYPW achieved a lot of things:
•130 young people (SYPW members) are sensitized on the issues related to water around the world and in Sudan
•Informed Sudanese youth about their role in water and equipping them for a mission
•Sudanese Youth had credible common structures that can represent them to local or international authorities in the issues related to water
•More than 30 different activities been implemented in various areas (educational, awareness, communication, advocacy and field projects)

1. Action background description: Last year Amna participated in leadership program for African youth in Kenya. During it she led a real action for mitigation the risk of environmental pollution.
she observed the high amount of non-reusable, non-recycled plastic cups used for drinking water, she talked about this issue and its negative impacts then she translated her speech to real action; she took the initiative to end using plastic cups; she bought (from my own saving) 90 mugs and gave it to the center to use it instead of the plastic cups.
2. Achievements
•100 African young leaders (from 14 East African countries) committed to stop using non- recycled plastic cups and to raise awareness about this issue in their community
•100 young people are sensitized on the issues related to plastic pollution and climate change.
•Created green environment in the leadership center, Kenyatta University.
•Encouraged the coming batches to start making change.

Young Water Solutions
1. Action background description: Amna is one of the 16 founders of Young Water Solutions; it is an international nonprofit organization; aiming to develop and support the potential of young people to contribute to universal water and sanitation supply.
2. Achievements
•In less than a year we reached at least 4000 people who now have safe drinking water.
•Young Water Solution Implemented until now three water projects in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Bangladesh
•Currently; two projects are been implemented in Burkina Faso and Uganda
•YWS implemented young water fellowship (YWF) this year, YWF is an integrated program that provides hands-on capacity building, seed funding and inter-generational coaching to young people from developing countries for the implementation, monitoring & evaluation of water projects in their communities, 13 young fellows have the opportunity to come to Belgium, get training, mentorship and seed funding for their projects which will be implemented next year.


■ Influence
Since April 2015, Amna was been selected to be a Sudan representative at World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW).  WYPW is a youth network acting for water around the world with the aim is to bring the voice of youth in the intercultural challenges in water, sanitation, and environmental discussions, In September 2016, she established Sudan Youth Parliament for Water (SYPW) as national representative for the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) in Sudan and with the objective to facilitate, organize and coordinate the contribution of youth in the application of the Sustainable Development Goal.6 in Sudan.
Amna is also one of the 16 co-Founders of  an international nonprofit organization established in September 2015, called Young Water Solutions (YWS), YWS  aiming to develop and support the potential of young people to contribute to universal water and sanitation supply and water resources management. We empower young leaders; providing them the tools to carry out water and sanitation projects in their communities. 
Some numbers:
1-Number of females (aged between 18 and 35) who are active members in the Sudan Youth Parliament for Water (SYPW) is 76.
2-Those females empowered around 50 women and 750 girls to participate in water solutions.
3-SYPW Female members participated in more than 20 different activities ranged from Advocacy to awareness, educational and communication programs.
4-Number of youth from rural communities who have been engaged in improving water and sanitation environment in their community in the last year is 26 (in both young water solutions (YWS) organization and the Sudan Youth Parliament for Water (SYPW)).
5-Young water solutions empowered 17 young leaders to implement 17 water projects in their local communities.
6-Those 17 young leaders empowered more than 100 youth from their communities to participate in those projects
7-Number of beneficiaries from the completed water projects is more than 4000 people.
8-More than 50, 000 people are expected to benefit from the on-going water projects.
9-Amna Participated in 3 different transboundary water management projects, together with 15 other young people in each project.
10-Number of children reached by the hygiene promotion programs is 1500 Child in the refugee school in west of Sudan (750 from them are girls).
11-Number of young people reached by the sanitation campaign program in Jordan University more than 100 students.
12-AMNA innovated 3 software aimed mainly to select and design the best water projects to increase water use efficiency.


■ Future plan
• Throw her works as the president of the Sudan Youth Parliament for Water (SYPW) she plan to continue raising awareness of young people about current water-related challenges and also advocating for youth participation in the water-related decisions making processes and discussions.
• She also aims to reach all the regions in Sudan that facing water problems and work together with the youth to achieve the sustainable development goal.6.
• Together with her organization; Young Water Solutions, she plan to open field office for YWS here in Sudan.
• Amna want to encourage females to overcome the fear and believe in their selves that they are strong enough to contribute on the field water projects.      

Amna 2

Amna 2


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