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Demchenko Viktor

Year-Prize: 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2017 Nominees

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Demchenko Viktor

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■  Name: Demchenko Viktor (Ukraine)

■  Nominated by Osadcha Marina

■ Achievement Summary

One of his main projects is to unite the efforts of specialists in the field of ecology and biodiversity to carry out important tasks in the study, management and search for ways to protect aquatic ecosystems of the Azov basin, as well as improve the effectiveness of scientific activities and environmental education of students.

Within this project

• joint integrated ichthyologic and hydroecological studies and monitoring of reservoirs of the Azov basin have been conducted,

• programs for protection and rational use of water bodies in the research area have been developed,

• the high level of environmental training and awareness of students has been reached,

• the scientific research has been popularized in the Internet and the media.

• the modern material and technical base has been created, which includes a stationary laboratory and equipment for field research organization.


■ Influence

More than 60 scientific papers have been published.

Twenty research projects have been implemented. Most of them are of great practical importance for restoring the diversity of fish or ecosystems as a whole.

More than 50 scientific and research expeditions have been conducted in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Russia. This made it possible to combine knowledge about the distribution and state of fish in the basins of large rivers in Europe.

He is an expert in the development of the Emerald Network of Europe from Ukraine, which is being developed as a part of the implementation of the directives of the Bern Convention for the Protection of Species.

He is an expert on marine fish in the framework of preparing a new edition of the Red Book of Ukraine.

He initiated the creation of the Ichthyologic Society of Ukraine. This organization contributes to the development of ichthyologic research and unites efforts of specialists in fish protection.

He is a member of scientific and technical councils of several national parks in the south of Ukraine, where he actively defends the interests of nature protection and sustainable development of the territories.

15 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries have been developed and put into practice.


■ Future plan

Development of modern technology aimed at assessing and predicting the state of aquatic ecosystems and ichthyocenosis are considered by him as promising areas of work. The basis for such development should be a variety of databases and geographical information systems, combined in one information space. This approach will make it possible to make important management decisions.

In the future, the priority plan is green tourism development in the south of Ukraine.

It is also planned to continue the work related to the research of the ichthyologic fauna of Ukraine and the environmental management of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.



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