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Indah Nurdiana

Year-Prize: 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2017 Nominees

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2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominee - Indah

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■ Name: Indah Nurdiana (Indonesia)
■ Nominated by Patricia Cornelia Fei Goeyardi
■ Achievement Summary

Indah Nurdiana is a primary school teacher in Denpasar - Bali. During her spare time, she volunteers in teaching street children at the market, visiting children with cancer at the hospital, teaching abandoned toddlers, teaching special-need children and blind children. Her main focus right now is to empower those kids in certain ways in order to make them become more independent in the future by strengthening their skils, such as: skills in crafting, languages, dances, singing, gardening, cooking etc. She believes that these kind of skills could help them to earn money for their own living one day. In the mean time, her project is to set up hydroponic gardens in some places, such as schools for special-need children (children with autisms, down-syndromes, disabilities etc), orphanages, nursing home for elderly people and orphanages for blind children. She funds and sets up the hydroponic gardens as well as teaching the kids to nurture the plants. Some of the hydroponic gardens which she sets up have been successfully harvested and the children continue what she has taught them to do.

Besides becoming a primary school teacher, Indah Nurdiana is a also a writer who has published 2 books. The next 2 books are coming soon. Most of her books are about crafting. For example: "Unique Creations of a Plastic Bottle' which creating new useful items out of used plastic bottles so that it would decrease pollutions to the environment.

Indah is also considered as a literacy activist. She combines the social works she has with literacy. During her campaign about hydroponic gardens, she does story telling to the children. This way, she believes children would understand the moral values of the stories easily and gardening activity would create a fun learning environment.


■ Influence
Indah has been starting her activities in term of hydroponic gardens and literacy since 2 years ago. She has successfully set up at least 5 hydroponic gardens in some places. She is also invited to some schools and bookstores to do story telling and teach craftings voluntarily. She just does these all with heart. Seeing the smiles on those kids' faces is the biggest gift for her. She would be happier if the kids could inspire other to do good deeds to others.

As a teacher, Indah received 3rd  award in Science Teacher Olympiad competition.

In regards to figures, Indah teaches to these kids regularly about hydroponic gardens, do story telling, cooking class, craftings:
1. 88 special-need children in Mentari Fajar School - Jimbaran.
2. 53 street children at the Badung market - Denpasar
3. 38 children at Sanglah hospital
4. 25 children with cancer at Sanglah hospital
5. Around 500 children in some bookstores
6. 45 blind children in an orphanage in Denpasar
7. 7 abandoned babies and toddlers.

and many more


■ Future Plan
Indah still has a dream to build up a training centre for less fortunate children and teenagers and she wants it to be free of charge. This training centre will continue what she has been teaching to the children and it must also have a kid-friendly library.

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