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Krishna Poudel

Year-Prize: 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2017 Nominees

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2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominee - Krishna

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■ Name: Krishna Poudel (Nepal)
  Nominated by Navaraj Upadhyaya 
■ Achievement Summary

Our hidden Eco-Hero is from a family of poor farmer.. Even though he is working for the betterment of the other needy and problematic people. Currently he is a member of Jay Nepal International. He worked in this organization very hard to bring change among the farmers who were destroyed by earthquake. Initially he led a team of more than 70 students from his university and conducted a rebuilding campaign under Jay Nepal International. During the period of a week each and every houses of that village was completely constructed. His good deeds don?t end here. After the rebuilding campaign he started an agriculture project in the village. He started with quality seed distribution program and conducted awareness training for vegetable cultivation and techniques of sustainable agriculture. After the success of that project he started mushroom cultivation campaign and involved more than 50 farmers of that village directly and all the farmers indirectly and encouraged all the farmers indirectly. He continued this program for 3 months. Later he also started a training of offseason tomato cultivation training in the village. He is so kind and down to earth person that he visited every houses of the village regularly during his project and raised awareness in the individual farmers. He also gave training on compost preparation, bio-fertilizer preparation and organic farming. He talked individually with the farmers to avoid the use of chemicals in the farm and its harmful effect in human, animals and sustainable production.
I personally respect his awesome work and I think hero like him must be awarded and encouraged for his grand work. Despite lack of resource and enough finance he has done fantastic job. The whole village respects him as a hero.



■  Influence
1. Due to his team of more than 70 volunteers all encouraged and convinced by him, almost all the villagers got new residence for them. Before this campaign the condition of the village was so miserable and the people were not able to afford for the reconstruction of the house. The organization arranged for the required materials and his team reconstructed the houses with intense care.

Fig: Old house destroyed by earthquake     fig: Making new house

Fig: After demolition of destroyed house     

2. Agricultural projects in the village that brought plenty of changes in the village. He started with management of farm wastes in form of compost manure and then quality seed distribution and demonstration in field about plantation.

Fig: Krishna teaching Youth about compost making  Fig: His team making compost pit and teaching farmers

3. Mushroom cultivation training to the farmers and demonstration. Best part of this training is that he teaches a farmer completely about the whole process and uses the technique of farmer-farmer extension for empowerment in his own way.
Fig: farmer learning about mushroom cultivation  fig: farmer teaching other what he learned

Fig: Youths following the trails



4. Offseason organic tomato cultivation so that the farmer can fetch more price by selling the products in higher reasonable price. The farmers were able to earn a lot from this project. The farmers were so happy that they were willing to share their earning with the flood victims this year.
Fig: progressive farmer                  Fig: His farm

5. In university he is teaching several youths about sustainable agriculture and precision farming.
Fig: Krishna teaching about diseases of wheat in wheat research centre

■  Future plan
He wishes to carry out these activities on future and sacrifice his whole life in social service and help of poor farmers. He is a true agriculturist. He can see his future clearly. He has no plan for himself but he wishes to open big farms where he can give employment to many youths and prevent the tradition of youth migration for job. I know he will succeed in the future for sure.

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