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Nancy K. iraba

Year-Prize: 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2017 Nominees

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2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominee - Nancy

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■ Name: Nancy K. iraba (Tanzania)
■ Nominated by Edwin Superius
■ Achievement Summary

The project is known as aquatic resources education programme (AREP), which aims at reaching out, training and certifying young people taking sciences in secondary schools by providing them with educational materials to enhance their understanding and appreciation towards potentials of aquatic resources, as well as to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and career development in widen scopes of environmental conservation with much emphasis on aquatic environment.
The programme is conducted monthly and have been able to reach out total of 4 schools since its commencement of September 2017 that includes, Jangwani secondary school, kisutu secondary school, kibasila secondary school and perfect vision secondary school in which it has been able to consecutively train and a total number of 313 students as well as certifying the qualified winners who have shown a great interest in utilization, conservation and protection of aquatic resources, making them ambassadors of spreading the aquatic knowledge in conservation , utilization and their potentiality to other students and community around them


■ Influence
The achievements made includes training of 315 science students in secondary schools about opportunities concerning the aquatic life,ways of taking actions in protection and proper utilization of the resources for their self reliance, especially for life after school since the employment era has been a dominant problem in most of our African countries, Nevertheless the program has been able to award and certify total of 25 science students who have shown a great interest and capability in understanding and the utilization, protection, appreciation and conservation of the aquatic resources to their communities.
Furthermore the project has enabled the formation of clubs known as friends of aquatic life, in every school they pass so as to recruit large number of youth towards proper utilization and conservation of aquatic environment and their resources, which they have been able to participate in restoration of mangroves with members of kunduchi, in which 120 seedlings were implanted in about 25 square meters of the area in fulfillment of the mangrove restoration as well as well equipped with opportunities that can be explored, that's including pearl farming from oysters, seaweed farming, crab fattening, saving our oceans and the coastal people from hunger and poverty through practise of aquaculture along with fingerling and seed production and fish feed formulation which are all source of income in reduction of poverty.


■  Future Plan
The project aims to reach out over 25,000 students inside and outside Dar es Salaam region in 3 years to come, since so far it is for secondary schools in Dar es salaam regions due to lack of funding, along with formation of more stable clubs in targeted schools which would join up together as ambassadors towards awareness, conservation, and utilization activities
of aquatic resources to other members of the school and the surrounding community in general. Nevertheless, the project aims at exposing women by providing seminars which would involve them in entrepreneurship arena by widening their opportunities scope in aquatic resources area, so as they may be able to increase their source of income.


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Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    @Edwin, corrected! thanks a ton!
    Posted 07-12-2017 08:52

  • says :
    @Ecogeneration, this lady is from Tanzania, not Nigeria
    Posted 07-12-2017 05:47

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