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Pradnya Giradkar

Year-Prize: 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2017 Nominees

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2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominee - Pradnya

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■ Name: Pradnya Giradkar (India)
■ Nominated by Nikita C. Golhar
■ Achievement Summary

Her activities include: 

• Raising wildlife and environment conservation awareness through advocacy among students, teachers and local tribal community.
• Development of local leader for sustainable environment biodiversity conservation for future conservation.
• Conduct conservation project beneficial for community by organizing agro-forestry trainings to achieve conservation.
• Partnership with various national and international organizations & Link with policy makers. 
Outcomes: Many people and students of rural areas are being aware about importance of conservation. They are being actively involved in forest management.
Differentiation: Help to mitigate and prevent wildlife-human conflict especially in Tiger territories of India.
Socio-economy of underprivileged communities is improved.
Prevent deforestation and habitat degradation.

■ Influence
(1)She is raising wildlife and environment conservation awareness. Many are aware about importance of conservation.
(2) Volunteer work   for IUCN by sending killing, poaching and hunting of Tiger data so that IUCN can take global action to prevent this menace.
(3) She is trying to re-introduce India’s lost heritage cheetah from Africa so that maximum numbers of cats in the world will be in India.
(4) Conducts various trainings for marginalized and vulnerable tribal communities of forest region to improve their socio-economy to achieve conservation.

■ Future plan
(1) Her future plan is to seek new and innovative ways to manage natural resources in a manner that is ecologically sustainable and yet economically viable and socially acceptable to prevent loss of biodiversity and a dramatic alteration of ecological patterns (e.g., habitat loss and fragmentation) and processes (e.g., global climate change).
(2) Help Government of India to reintroduce Cheetah in India from Africa.


Pradnya 2


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    All the very best
    Posted 17-12-2017 01:48

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    Global Warming is nature's warning!
    Posted 17-12-2017 01:31

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    Best of luck for your future!
    Posted 14-12-2017 23:15

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    Posted 14-12-2017 21:05

  • says :
    Congratulations Pradnya !
    Posted 14-12-2017 20:04

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