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Arushi Madan

Year-Prize: 2017 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards     Item: Winner interview

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2017 Hidden Eco- Hero Awards Winner; Arushi Madan



Winner               : Arushi Madan (UAE)
Recommender   : Dharmendra Kapri (India)


Q1.  Please share your experience & impressions of getting awarded as Hidden Eco Hero?

I am overwhelmed and deeply humbled on winning the 'Hidden Eco Hero 2017' award. It is very special to me because it is awarded by my favourite forum 'Tunza Eco Generation' and the recommender himself is a true Eco Hero, an inspirational youth leader and previous Hidden Eco Hero award winner, Dharmendra. I am thankful to Tunza Eco Gen for empowering and motivating me and for shaping my Eco personality. Sincere gratitude and best wishes to dear Dharmendra for his kind recommendation.

Winning this award has boosted my confidence, firmed my belief that I am on the right path of selfless service towards environment and community. This award is not only a celebration of my environmental work and achievements but also an encouragement and an added responsibility to do more towards achieving a greener, safer and cleaner planet. 

Q2. What inspire you to do all you have been doing so far?

Ever since I was young, my parents used to tell me to switch off the lights when not in room, not to waste resources, not to throw waste around, keep the place clean, care for plants etc. That's where my interest in environment built up. It developed into a passion and concern towards environment when I started reading about alarming levels of global warming and its harmful consequences in the form of increasing disasters (like floods, droughts, cyclones), spread of diseases, extinction of species etc.

Once I went for 'Earth Day walkathon', I noticed participants happily joining the walkathon without knowing what it is for and what message it is conveying.  Ironically, at the end of walkathon, I saw people carelessly throwing waste including empty plastic water bottles, cans, chips wrappers etc. in the open ground. Then I realized that there is lack of awareness on basic environment values in common man. It made me to think how can a serious problem of global warming, an environmental menace, be tackled unless people are aware that problem exists and they are the stakeholders. This realization inspired & motivated me to adopt the cause and take up the issue of spreading awareness about protecting environment. Ever since then, I have been into environmental advocacy.

Q3. Please share your most impressive experience in regards to what you have been doing?

I was touched when I was invited as expert speaker and I was the youngest speaker (on environment) among the most experienced and renowned professionals for the first ever 'Women's Peak Performance Summit' in UAE's capital Abu Dhabi.

Also, I was elated when I was selected as one of the 35 'Global women visionaries' by 'Women for Wildlife' on International Women's Day.

I experience joy and fulfilment when I plant trees/saplings when tiny kids in nurseries, when I see them observing the whole 'Plantation' process so carefully. I am truly impressed and humbled when people come and tell me that they have been motivated or inspired by my 'Birthday Plantation' or 'Tyres to table' ideas and they have followed the same.

When I saw the final end product (the beautiful coffee tables) after recycling the discarded tyres, I was really impressed and encouraged.   My most impressive experience was getting an invitation to showcase the coffee tables (I made from discarded tyres) on Earth Day walkathon. It was lovely seeing people coming, appreciating and taking pictures of my tables.



Q4. What is your future plan?

? To inspire and guide many more youngsters to set up waste segregation system in their buildings and/or communities to minimise waste to landfill.

? My environment advocacy is ongoing. I would continue as long as I can, to ensure maximum people in our city are well aware of environment issues and their individual responsibility in reducing their carbon footprint. I am supporting and voluntarily collaborating with local environment and waste management companies also to help in their efforts so that our city and country becomes the cleanest and greenest with almost zero waste to landfill.

? I want to recycle used/discarded pallets to make beds or sofa like I have recycled discarded tyres to make coffee tables.

? To involve more and more people with me in tree plantations. I want to persuade more people for 'Birthday Plantation'.




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    Congratulation dear!!
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