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Muhammad Ikrama Yusuf

Year-Prize: The 11th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition     Item: Beat Plastic Pollution

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Muhammad Ikrama Yusuf (Nigeria)

Honorable Mention


Plastic pollution is undoubtedly a very big problem throughout the world, growing at a staggering rate by the minute. Due to its adverse effects on the ecosystem, wild lives and human beings the world need to come together and find a solution capable of ensuring the safety of humans, wild lives and the ecosystem in general.
Despite the disease causing proclivity of the plastic, there are however many places on earth that are not educated and have no idea about the dangers of plastic to their lives as well as their surroundings. To tackle the problem of plastic pollution from my perspective by either reusing it or refusing it will be to:
Firstly: plastic is a durable material capable of lasting a thousand years because it not biodegradable meaning if used can be recycled and reused severally without losing its plastic property. But how do we reuse plastic when that idea of recycling and reusing has been there for decades and the outcome is still discouraging?
The solution would be to find new uses for used plastic. Recently I came across a rather incredible innovation, the use of plastic water bottles to build house. Not only does the house spell a new use for plastic but also means that in the future if communicated properly that knowledge will reshape architecture and reduce plastic pollution with an incredible percentage.
Secondly: reusing plastic is a knowledge not well dispersed especially in neighboring Africa. Most of people have no idea that plastic can be reused over and over. Take plastic bags for instance, a person could go to a kiosk, mall or stall several times a day and each time receiving those bags only to come home and dump them, chocking up our landfills. Therefore, the solution would be to create and continue creating mass public awareness on the usability and durability of plastic until people change their attitudes towards its use.
Plastic has already shown lot of reasons why people should not use it due to the presence of some toxic chemicals in it that have high tendency of leaching into food and drinks and ultimately cause danger to the consumer. How then do we tackle plastic pollution to protect human lives from diseases?
A mass media awareness should be made on the side effects of plastic to the human systems as well as the gravity of the diseases it is capable of causing, which include: cancer, memory impairment, reproduction problems, early puberty etc. These are problems anyone should run away from but due to inadequate knowledge about the effects and what happens after use, people tend to use plastic anyhow especially in remote areas of the world. Cancer has plagued our surroundings and the ultimate cause is yet to be identified. Long before plastic was brought to life, cancer was not really viral and people have lesser problems and are doing just fine with silver and woods. But since its inception, plastic has contributed in raising the level of cancer problems across the globe profusely. People should be educated on using alternatives tool and equipment to plastics such as silver or glass plates instead of plastic plates to eat food, silver, glass or wooden cups instead of plastic ones.
While awareness remains a powerful tool it still won’t be very effective until plastic producing companies come into play. Due to the mass production of plastic it will be very difficult to have people stop using it when it is the only product available and at an affordable rate. Therefore, the companies should equally be educated and advised on the possible alternatives to plastic so that the production of plastic can be reduced significantly.
It is easier to plant an idea into the minds of young boys and girls and that idea can make a lifetime impact. Therefore, it will go to a great extent if awareness is organized for primary and secondary school students telling them the dangers of using plastic and how to prevent that danger and of course what role they can play in ensuring a safe and danger free ecosystem.


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