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Sainath Manikandan

Year-Prize: 2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2018 Nominees

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2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards nominee -  Sainath Manikandan

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■ Name: Sainath Manikandan (UAE)

■ Nominated by Sunitha Nambiar

■ Achievement Summary

Sainath Manikandan is known as the “Multitasker” because of his varied roles as an active environmentalist, outstanding student, school eco-club member, passionate social campaigner, abacus graduate, brown belt in karate, Junior Emergency Response Lead Member, keyboard player and a budding artist. He spreads awareness about the need to protect, conserve and preserve the earth’s resources and reduce, reuse and recycle wastes and “Say No to plastics”. He is Drop It Youth Ambassador, member of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG). His mission is to empower students to raise awareness around their community, encouraging their family, their school and the wider community to reduce and remove all single-use plastic from their everyday life.

Sainath had raised awareness amongst his friends by doing campaigns in his extra-curricular classes. He has also innovated a robot which can collect wastes from floating water surfaces to protect the marine species and environment. He has persuaded many students to rethink plastics as plastics are not our best friend and it affects both marine species and our health and life. He had also designed an App, Plastic Cleaner App, which can send signals to his robot for performing the waste collection. He had shown his project to Emirates Environmental Group, UAE and EAD. Talks underway to develop this prototype in large scale.

Sainath had won Diana Award 2018 for his contributions to environment. He runs a campaign, PEPC campaign and collects recycling materials. He gives pep-talks in his school and community and is trying to put an end to single-use plastics. He wants to convey the message that we can change our existing practices into green and sustainable solutions using technology.

Sainath participated in various cleanup campaigns like beach and desert cleanup campaigns. He is a budding artist and tries to spread awareness to protect our environment through his drawings.


■ Influence
1. Diana Award 2018 which is given to young people who have the power to change the world. Sainath is involved in Goumbook Drop It Youth Campaign to raise awareness around their community, encouraging their family, their school and the wider community to reduce and remove all single-use plastic from their everyday life. He was able to persuade his fellow mates and friends to refuse plastics and rethink about it. He had reached out to around 2800 students through his campaign, out of which 800 had taken an online pledge to stop single-use plastics.

2. PEPC Campaign – He is collecting recycling materials such as old newspapers, plastic water bottles, electronic wastes and cans as an active member of Emirates Environmental Group. He also takes part in One Root One CommuniTree Campaign, Green Call campaign, Can Collection drive and so on to protect and preserve our earth’s resources. He collected nearly 5000 kg of papers, 25 kg of plastics, 15 kg of cans and 30 mobile phones for recycling.

3. Cleanup campaigns – Sainath participates in various cleanup campaigns organized by EMEG, EAD, Day4Dubai. During the campaigns, plastics, cigar butts and other wastes are collected.

He was able to persuade his fellow mates and friends to refuse plastics and rethink about it. By supporting his campaign, we all support an effort that is imperative to creating a healthy and sustainable mother earth. He takes responsibility as an eco-club member and takes initiatives to protect the environment. Sainath had gained immense leadership skills, communication skills, creativity, dependability and problem-solving skills during the course of his campaigns and activities. He had overcome the practical difficulties with a positive attitude, confidence and by thinking out of the box. He had developed digital competencies to spread the environmental awareness globally.

■ Future plan
Sainath had taken the initiatives on his own accords to fight against plastic pollution and to recycle so as to save the environment. He has good leadership qualities, collaborative working skills, critical thinker who can solve any issues effectively. Initially, he faced challenges as many of them weren't able to accept the fact that plastics harm marine species as well as humans. He had to persuade them and explain how plastics and microbeads are dangerous.

Sainath attends the meetings organized by Goumbook and EEG to discuss the issues faced during their campaigns so that it can be resolved.

Sainath had campaigned to his primary graders and students in his neighbourhood.
His future plan is to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the single-use plastics in his school and to develop his prototype robot in large scale.

 2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominee - Sainath Manikandan


Geeta Khan

  • Geeta Khan says :
    All the best! Sainath has been doing such great work! I really wish him all the best.
    Posted 16-12-2018 18:18

Sainath Manikandan

  • Sainath Manikandan says :
    Thanks Tunza Team.

    This really inspires me and my sister Sai Sahana to work harder in protecting, preserving our Mother Earth's resources.
    Posted 09-12-2018 16:31

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