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Olarip Tomito

Year-Prize: 2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2018 Nominees

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2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards nominee - Olarip Tomito

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■ Name: Olarip Tomito (Tanzania)


■ Nominated by Anna Rocha


■ Achievement Summary

Each year the world commemorates world cleanup day on 15th September, for the first time Tanzania was involved in this civic lead movement. Nipe fagio was given honor to host world cleanup day events in Tanzania, aiming to unite about 5% of the global population in a one day cleanup action. The goal and plan was to get approximately 1.1m people nationally (Tanzania) in multiple cleanups. This year theme was advocating on increasing“Trash blindness awareness” in the communities. Olarip Tomito was among the committee management team Member organizing pre cleanups and mobilizing other organizations to take part in this world record events.
He was able to participate in 33 intro LDI-TZ events, onduct and plan pre-cleanups,involved in 30 community bazaars and 25 Training of Trainees (TOT) trainings most notably being able to train first Tanzanians ploggers from 20 jogging clubs in the region, Saadani National Park and Beach Management Unit in Kigamboni. Plogging is an ecofriendly fun activity which literally means jogging while picking up trash.
He joined countless community cleanups in Ubungo, inondoni, Ilala and Temeke. In each event or outreach, he encountered and mobilized more than 200 plus people. These are 5 municipalities found in Dar es Salaam which ranked number 12 among the 25 dirtiest cities in the world by Forbes (2007) having Mercer Health and Sanitation Index Score of 40.4. In each cleanup event, brand and trash audits are recorded to have details of top polluting products and event assessment.
Sainath had won Diana Award 2018 for his contributions to environment. He runs a campaign, PEPC campaign and collects recycling materials. He gives pep-talks in his school and community and is trying to put an end to single-use plastics. He wants to convey the message that we can change our existing practices into green and sustainable solutions using technology.

Sainath participated in various cleanup campaigns like beach and desert cleanup campaigns. He is a budding artist and tries to spread awareness to protect our environment through his drawings.


■ Influence

Olarip Tomito is now an environmental icon and role model in Dar es Salaam representing Nipe Fagio very well and environmental conservations. His environmental activism has enabled him expand His friendship circle daily, networking, career developments, communication and life skills, He now stands as a role model to his fellow youth around him in this lifelong learning adventure.
Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestlé were the most frequent companies identified in 239 cleanups and brand audits spanning 42 countries and six continents, announced from the Break Free From Plastic movement. Over 187,000 pieces of plastic trash were audited, identifying thousands of brands whose packaging relies on the single-use plastics that pollute our oceans and waterways globally. Coca-Cola was the top polluter in the global audit, with Coke-branded plastic pollution found in 40 of the 42 participating countries.
UNESCO has named the action of World Cleanup Day as one of the three winners of this year’s UNESCO award for Education for sustainable development prize.
Word cleanup was never about cleanliness only, it was a platform for community to awake and ring bells concerning “Trash blindness” and that what he did throughout his tasks. He convenience communities through his Trainings, bazaars and community outreach that Waste pollution has become threat in global scales. If we don’t raise these issues our planet will be bottom less hell for our sustainability destroyed by our own hands. Tanzania
is now on progress to ban plastic bags and Zanzibar have already implemented this plus other neighboring countries like Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda just to mention few and his achievements in World Cleanup day counts in the progress.
He is proud to be among those earth guardians and environmentalist activists with achievements of opening Tanzania’s eyes to trash blindness, behavioral change through awareness raising and implementing true sustainable strategies toward a zero waste and circular economy and achieve our final goal – A clean and healthy planet!

■ Future plan

Currently he is working as an Ambassador, Volunteer and Intern Mapping Officer of Nipe Fagio and Lets Do It Campaign with Nipe Fagio. He is found of using social media account pages and platform to raise awareness of different social, economic, cultural and political issues concerning youth in Facebook, instagram and twitter. Community outreach, waste awareness and education were day to day volunteering activities that he invested his time with. He is currently planning to do school outreach sessions with secondary schools on issues with environments especially recycling opportunities and what they can do with recyclable in their own school environment potentially.


Velma Nell

  • Velma Nell says :
    All the very best Anna! Olarip has done great work!
    Posted 17-12-2018 15:57

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