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Abul Bashar Rahman

Year-Prize: 2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominees     Item: 2018 Nominees

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2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards nominee -  Abul Bashar Rahman

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■ Name: Abul Bashar Rahman (Bangladesh)


■ Nominated by Rezwan Ahmed


■ Achievement Summary
Abul Bashar Rahman, the Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Green have been working relentlessly in maintaining and ensuring the functionality of the Organization since its inception. Starting in mid-July, 2017; Green has now been into existence for almost one and a half year. And throughout its journey, he has been tremendously courageous and gallant in taking in new steps for the betterment of the organization.
With the sole motive of creating an awareness program among the local community of Uttara, Green initiated its very first project "Green It" on the onset of October 2017. Project- Green It has been a massive success as nearly 30 volunteers took part in distributing almost a hundred plants to the commuter of the city for free. Receiving warm-welcome and massive success on its first project, Abul Bashar Rahman set-off on an initiative of organizing motivational programs in the local primary schools of Uttara.
Till date, with the help of his team, he has conducted seminars and workshops at multiple schools motivating hundreds of young individuals in planting trees. From teaching them the importance of afforestation, to how to plant trees, to the importance of combating global warming, a sure-sense of duty and responsibility ignited a fire within the school-going young kids.
The very last project he and his team worked on was "Plant the Future" where with the determination of planting trees and promoting afforestation, the volunteers laid off in giving away free plants to the local people of the community. In doing so, multiple young individuals from different high-schools took part. Making it a motivational session for not only the ones who received a free plant but also to the ones who distributed. His tremendous work led on to the success of the organization in ensuring proper awareness in the local hub.
Abul Bashar’s tremendous effort in encouraging young people in being socially responsible deserves appreciation for which, I believe he is the one who has to be the Hidden Eco Award for his achievement in ensuring a “Green-Environment” in his community encouraging hundreds of young teen.


■ Influence
Since the inception of the organization Green, Abul Bashar Rahman as the founder and Chief of Executions undertook different social events and workshops. Till date, he with relentless help from his team is running/ ran 3 projects. The overall social achievement of the very three projects are given below:
1. Green It:
  Duration: October 1, 2017
  Participation (Volunteers and Organizers): 40+ (mainly high school students from class 6 till 10)
  Plants Distributed: 50+ (Completely free to commuters)
  Social Impact and Description: Project- Green It were initiated to gift free plants among regular commuters to increase their motivation in planting trees in the local neighborhood of Uttara Model Town, Dhaka by young high school students in order to increase their awareness in events like these.

2. Primary School Workshop Campaign:
  Duration: April, 2018 (Entire Month)
  Participation: 100+ (Primary School Students from 2 different institutions)
  Social Impact and Description: Abul Bashar along with his friends visited 2 primary schools where they taught young individuals the benefits, necessities and importance of tree plantation and created an urge in them so that they grow up as responsible individual and reliant citizens.

3. Plant The Future:
  Duration: April 27, 2018
  Participation (Volunteers and Organizers): 70+ (mainly high school students from class 6 till 10)
  Plants Distributed: 80+ (Completely free to commuters)
  Social Impact and Description: Project- Plant The Future ignited a fire among the 70+ volunteers who participated in them having an urge in planting more trees to better-combat the adverse effects of global warming making them significantly reliable as a “green-soldier” to fight the extinction we’re facing today.

■ Future plan
Abul Bashar Rahman dreams of scaling his projects in other communities of the capital making it a nationwide motivational program for thousands of young kids. In doing so, he has already had talks with corporate giants like Candid Corporation Ltd., BetterStories Ltd. He thinks he has the caliber of making the Earth a better place. With the young force he always relies on, he believes, with strong will-power, determination, he can change the way people live today.
With funding support from other organizations, he plans to create a nationwide free plant distribution program which he claims to achieve within the next 3 years. And in ensuring that happens, he's working hard every day to get closer to that day. He believes, with more people signing up as a volunteer in Green, it won’t be far when every young individual in this nation of Bangladesh is socially responsible in ensuring that the carbon we emit is moved off from the plants we plant.
With will power, I believe he is to achieve that.

2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Nominee - Abul Bashar Rahman


  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Abul has really inspired many people to do their bit in protecting the environment and pushing for the awareness of planting trees. His passion for Mother Earth knows no bounds and I respect him for his work!

    Well done on all your successful achievements to date and I wish you all the best for the many more years to come!

    Yours sincerely
    Posted 19-12-2018 00:48

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