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Margo Tamzone Adonis

Year-Prize: 2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Winners     Item: Winners

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2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Winner - Margo



Winner        : Margo Tamzone Adonis (South Africa)
Interviewer : Rosa Domingos



I had the opportunity to interview Margo appon her title of 2018's Hidden Eco-Heroin Awards among the Winners from Cameroon and Nepal! I wanted to know about her experience throughout the event, and how she felt when she found out she was one of the winners and most importantly, her future plans! I firstly congratulated her on her success.

And here is how it went...

Rosa: I would like to know, what was you first reaction when you found out you were one of the winners?

Margo: I think the day before, I had already prepared myself for the outcome of the competition, what ever it was going to be. I also spent the last week really just looking at all the other participants and the work they have been doing and every single one of  them, just goes to show how much young youth are doing towards environmental management and conservation. So I think mentally I prepared myself for any circumstance that would transpire.

But when you called me that morning to inform me, my first word was 'WHAT!?'  and I repeated it four times. I was just so overwhelmed with excitement, relief and disbelieve at the same time. And in that moment, I was reminiscing of how one does all these projects, going out there and putting in the work, you don't focus on regonition everytime, you just want to make sure that the project will materialise and continue to completion. At the end of the day you just want to feel that every event you take is a successful one in terms of the objectives you've set for the youth and environment. In moments like this, when you are actually recognised for the work you do, it serves as a reminder to appreciate this things you have accomplished and also appreciate yourself, and the passion and drive you give towards the communities that you serve, towards the youth and towards the environment.

So really, it's overwhelming, it's exciting and I love the award.

Rosa: Could you please take us through what you have planned for this year...

Margo: The year has already started off on a very good note, I will be partnering with four established organisations where I am going to do a series of environmental campaigns and adverts with them, so as to bring about an environmentally conscious environment. We will be going to schools and underprivileged communities where we feel the need is great and also the rest of society that do not know the status quo of the environment's condition and unknowingly increasing their carbon footprint on a dat to day basis.

So in 2019, I would like to broaden the audience of focus, to a province scope. I will also be continuing with the water conservation campaigns for all the w schools in the Western Cape. My target for this year's water conservation will be 200 schools. And definitely, one of my biggest celebrations will be Arbour Month, this year we hope to plant 500 trees for September. Beating Plastic Pollution is still one of our biggest, biggest campaigns and I want to get some attention into that and focus on that, but now with NGOs support we can create that noise and awareness ground as to why we are determined to Beating Plastic Pollution in our oceans.

Rosa: You listed a few NGOs and organisations you will be partnering with, can you list the ones that have helped you and pushed you in 2018 to reach your objectives.

Margo: So interns with my partnerships, I work along side with Cape Town Beach Clean Up, PACT which is Passionate About Cape Town, I also volunteer with friends at LizBic - they a NGO that solely focus on cleaning and stablising the Lisbic River in Cape Town. I also volunteer under the Chalk Foundation and a Charity called Green Pop, so they focus on greening the environment, whether at schools, communities or any given area that needs to be revived.

So this are the organisations that I mostly work with.

Rosa: As I said previously, I really wanted to converse with you rather than give an interview and I am glad that we had a good conversation there of. On that note, do you have anything else to say to all the members of the platform, all the mentors and everyone else who have been rooting for you ever since?

Margo: I do actually (we both laugh). I would like to take this opportunity to first of all say thank you to you as an ambassador, me personally, I didn't know about this competition until we had the conversation and I think that is the importance of having these ambassadors of such platforms, because they really carry the brand in places where they are not heard of.

So firstly to you, thank you so much for nominating me. To everybody who had posted recommendations for me and showed me support and tht have thanked and inspired me for the work that I have been doing, I'd like to thank you very much. I appreciate it and it is those things that reminds you to keep on going.

And to the platform itself, like I said I love my gift (we both giggled again) and thank you so much. And I think to the platform, having such competitions and initiatives reminds us as the next generation who want to be advocates and ambassadors that there are platforms that allow their voice to be heard and showcase your passion and that is very important. So to know that such platforms indeed exists gives us the courage to just continue in our efforts to make our home a better place.

Please continue uplifting our youth, we need this type of initiative and it's so amazing to know that it is an international platform. Giving us an opportunity to engage with individuals from around the world with the same passion and that goes a long way.

Rosa: And to that, our interview is done. I would like to you (Margo) and thank the Platform for this opportunity! :D

  2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Winner - Margo


Ida Ayu Mas Amelia Kusumaningtyas

  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Thank you Tunza! I really appreciate this!
    Posted 22-02-2019 15:49

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