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Forbi Perise Eyong Nyosai

Year-Prize: 2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Winners     Item: Winners

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2018 Hidden Eco-Hero Awards Winner - Forbi


Winner       : Forbi Perise Eyong Nyosai (Cameroon)
Interviewer  : Ndapeh Ndellejong Blaise



Blaise: How did you feel and react getting awarde as Hidden Eco Hero?

 Perise:I felt special and honoured to receive the award given the number of persons nominated.  I want to specially appreciate Ndapeh Ndellejong Blaise for nominating me . In addition all my friends, school mates and those who inspired me , whom i can't all mention.

This award has motivated and encouraged me to continue my activism for the environment.

Blaise: Considering all you have accomplished,  what was your inspiration and motivation?

Perise: Environmental issues are very obvious and visible.  We all are facing the impact of climate change and other challenges the world is facing.  I was particularly concerned and had to do something.  Also seeing others in different communities working selflessly for the benefit of the planet  was my major motivation.

Blaise: What has been your major challenge

Perise: Time management has been a challenge for me. As a student meeting up with with my usual outdoor activities and outreach in secondary schools hasn't been easy. Besides that getting people change from their behavior that are unsustainable for the planet has been challenging, given the ideology of people in my community.

Blaise: What are your plans for the future

Perise: Engaging young people in environmental activities has been my goal and i hope  to continue doing that, i plan on changing my strategy to ensure that i get as many young people involved as community change makers. In the coming months i hope to focus on environmental contest,  hygien and sanitation in schools while advocating for the protection of local streams together with likeminded individuals.



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