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Htet myat aung

Year-Prize: The 12th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition     Item: Beat Air Pollution

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Beat air pollution, one to million

Htet myat aung (Myanmar)
Honorable Mentions



Air pollution is one of the visible pollutions in the world. Air pollution causes seven million premature deaths annually. 9 out of 10 people meet polluted air. So, air pollution is a dangerous problem for all humanity. We need to reduce air pollution and create zero air pollution world for the next generation. We have to know about air pollution sources for reducing air pollution. Air pollution comes from different sources. According to research, 42% of air pollution is from the transportation sector, 21% form fuel combustion, 14% from an industrial process, 5% from solid waste disposal, 8% from forest fires and fallout. Nevertheless, our daily activities emit air pollution because we use air pollution’ sources daily. For instance, electricity, essential for our daily lives, use mainly in lighting and things which use electricity. Electricity produces form coal (38%), natural gas (23.2%), hydro (16.3%), nuclear fission (10.4%), oil (3.7%), non-hydro (8%). We were enough to say most electricity we use isn’t form clean sources. Thus, we should reduce our electricity usage as we can. Many people want to do as it can also save money. But they don’t know the way to reduce. For example, we need to close non-essential lighting and things when we go out or at night. And, we should also off lights in places where we don’t use such as toilet and bathroom. We usually think these actions may not impact the environment very much. I show an example, your home use 500 kWh for light. When you go out two hours without taking off, it emits 909 g of carbon dioxide ( the electricity produced from coal power plants), 821g of CO2  ( from fuel combustion power plants), 1500g ( from wood/ biomass power plant), 150g ( from solar energy), 6g ( from nuclear power plant), 4g ( from hydropower) to atmosphere. This evidence proves saving electricity, reducing air pollution. Another example which causes air pollution from our daily activities is transportation. Transportation is the largest source of air pollution. People mainly use daily for transportation are vehicles, trains, and subway. Among these transportations, fuel vehicles cause mainly air pollution in the transportation sector. A gasoline car emits 8.91 Kg per gallon and diesel car emits 10.1 kg per gallon ( a gallon can drive 30 miles to 40 miles depends on the car.)  Fuel vehicles emit ozone, carbon dioxide, particulate matter and other. These gases can cause a greenhouse and lead to global warming. They can also affect human health. So, how to reduce air pollution from transportation. The answer is simple using public transportation and non-fuel transportation. It can save money and the world. If we use own cars for transportation, causes more air pollution than public transportation. Most people think vehicles cause air pollution while driving. Really, vehicles also cause air pollution in three processes. They are mining, manufacture, transportation. We usually think mining will not relate to vehicles’ production.  The mining process is for raw metals for vehicles. The manufacturing process is making raw materials to car body parts and the combination of the body part. Transportation is distribution vehicles to local and international. Many energies use in all processes. therefore, using own vehicles increases air pollution not only in the transportation sector but in industrial and mining. Using own vehicles more cause air pollution than we think. In any way, using public transportation and non-fuel transportation are the best solution now. Other daily usages which cause air pollution are paper and plastic. We already know papers are produced from trees. Annually, 4billions trees are cut down for paper production. The lack of a tree can cause drought, landslide, mudslide, increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other natural disasters. Young trees can absorb 13 pounds per year and adult trees 48 pounds per year. In addition, an acre of mature trees can absorb 2.6 tons from the atmosphere. Thus, we should reduce our paper usage and reuse the used paper. Reduce means writing books or paper till the end, erase incorrect texts or ideas (not throwing into the bin) and so on. Reuse means making new things from used papers, newspapers, flyers and others. Plastic causes not only soil and water pollutions but also air pollution. When plastic burning, it produces dangerous gas for human health. So, we need to reduce our plastic usage. For example, go shopping or markets with own bags, giving present with packing and so on. Most people think food think foods don’t cause air pollution. Really, foods cause air pollution as agriculture is one of the sources of air pollution. In addition, many machines are used for growing and harvest. Many pesticides and inorganic fertilizers are used during the growing process. Other processes that cause air pollution are transportation and packing. Therefore, we should consume foods until empty. In summary, we want to reduce air pollution. The essay step starts to reduce the things described in the essay in our daily lives. We should not forget our now actions, the world of the next generation. Only one cannot change the world but one can start to change the world.


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