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People and our Planet

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People and our Planet

“Stick insects are just like people really- they like being on top of things, spend a lot of their time just hanging around, and have no need whatsoever for males (they can clone themselves at will).” Homo sapiens has long boasted about how clever it is, how we're so much better than all the other animals on this planet... bla bla bla- on and on and on. It's time to show you all who's really boss, and just how puny and insignificant our kind us compared to the millions and millions of other species that roam the Earth. Any plain old fool can see that bees (not Greeks) invented democracy, monkeys are the masters of medicine, and lightbulbs came about long, long before humans. So we might be tool-makers, but it should be pretty obvious that a species which intentionally ignores 3.5 billion years of accumulated wisdom isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed!

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Eco Generation

10-02-2021 09:39

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