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Self Introduction- Eco Ambassador Program

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Warm greettings to all Eco members, My name is Alan Portocarrero and I have been elected to be one of the Eco ambassador around the world. As the others, I am requested to provide some information about me. So here I go: To start with I am Peruvian , from the jungle part. I was born in Iquitos, an Amazonian city located in the northwest of Peru. Therefore since I was a child I know what to grow surrounded by trees, rivers and animals is like. In fact it is wonderful. However the fact is that I have also become a witness of nature degradation at a time. For instance, while I brought up I felt how the temperature increased. Currently it is unbearable. That way I encouraged myself to be an ally of environment and I have decided to be and Earth warrior so that I can help to protect it. Nonetheless, sometimes it was hard to continue because of lack of support, for example I used to give up with this green cause as I needed people to assist me but once I came across with Tunza Platform I did not feel alone anymore. I joined myself into this amazing people who conform Eco Tunza Generation and I see how they love environment as I do. In this way, I am great thankful with the 24th Ambassador Program for giving me this opportunity to be an ambassador as I will be able to speak out for my region Iquitos- Loreto-Peru in an international level. I hope I can meet the other Ambassadors to share ideas. Green regards, Alan

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