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thankyou eco gen

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thankyou eco gen

I always love being around in nature . I have grown up in a place where you wake up with the warmth sunrise and end your day with the silence of moonlight. But as I grew up the nature around me started getting distorted due to this civilization. Human have been cutting trees And constructing buildings instead. I have always felt too small to protest, I throught my voice will never be heard in this big world . When I was small my grand mother told me that it's only us who can distroy as well as save nature. This thought settled in my mind for years that we have to do something to save environment. eco generation has been a boon to me. I got a chance to spread awareness. I am no longer that lone voice in a crowd. I am someone the one who loves the environment and will do any thing to protect it. And best part is I am not alone there are so many people around me that has the same concern and eco gen helped me to know them. Thank you eco gen to inspire me to work harder to save our lovely nature

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Eco Generation

10-02-2021 09:39

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