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Project at home: Million Trees Initiative- Stellenbosch, WC

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Project at home: Million Trees Initiative- Stellenbosch, WC

The legacy of the Million Tree Project... for our children. I am fortunate to study in one of the most beautiful towns in the world- Stellenbosch. Surrounded by vineyards, old architecture and many, many trees. The founder of this town, Simon van der Stel planted many oak trees throughout the town many years ago. Now they boast with beautiful lush leaves, providing shade on hot summers days, creating much needed oxygen and they are also just beautiful to look at. The municipality had decided to further this legacy and set a goal of one million trees which are to be planted in Stellenbosch and the surrounds. Since 2013, 79090 trees have been invested. The reasons for this is clear: It is about creating dignified living for all citizens environmental benefits such as countering global warming and the greenhouse effect The beautification of living spaces with added benefit of creating community pride The rehabilitation of disturbed and neglected areas Supplementing food security Foster respect for the environment through educational projects Drive towards home-style communities Foster inclusivity and create community corridors linking various groups and to contribute to a green economy by the creation of job opportunities (http://milliontrees.co.za/how/). There is no greater legacy than providing for future generations- some do it through large trust funds, others through ensuring success if the family name, but none of that will matter if there is no planet to be in existence. So it is as easy as planting a tree- a small seed today will give air, beauty and dignity to many people in the future.

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