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Find Out How You Can Help Stop The Global Warming

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Find Out How You Can Help Stop The Global Warming

As the planet warms, scientists expect certain areas to receive more precipitation while others will see a decrease in annual rain and snowfall. Though the exact changes vary by location and region, as a general rule currently wet areas will get wetter and dry areas will become drier. This trend greatly increases the risk of severe drought in certain regions, including major agricultural areas such as the U.S. Midwest, with potentially serious consequences for our food supply. Changing precipitation patterns also have significant implications for our electricity system. Many power plants require a tremendous amount of water to operate; when there is not enough, or when water temperatures get too high, they must reduce production or shut down entirely. To minimize the risks of disruption, we must make water-smart decisions today that move the country towards low- and no-water electricity sources like renewable energy and energy efficiency. Global warming is also increasing the number of extreme preciptitation events. Since 1958, the amount of rain or snow falling in the heaviest one percent of storms has risen nearly 20 percent, averaged nationally. This increases the risk of flooding and makes it essential that cities and communities prepare for the increased likelihood of flood events. Heat-trapping gases already in the atmosphere will cause additional warming — and increasing consequences — over the coming decades. To prepare, we must take steps today to build more resilient cities and communities. To help guide decision makers in this crucial effort, UCS has developed a framework and principles for science-based adaption to help ensure that investments in climate change adaptation are scientifically sound, socially just, and fiscally sensible. At the same time, we must quickly, and dramatically, reduce the heat-trapping emissions that drive global warming. The choices we make today will determine how high temperatures rise, how severe and costly the consequences of global warming become, and what type of future our children will ultimately inherit. We must act now to ensure a healthy and safe planet for future generations.

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