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Being with Greenpeace

I learned a lot in my experience with people from Greenpeace especially when we talked about renewable energy alternatives. They also showcased some innovative and creative sustainable gadgets. Renewable energy in this generation could not only be seen in solar panels and wind turbines anymore. Innovation and creativity made these portable to humans, like travel bags, flashlights and etc. If the 18th century was a coal-based industrial period, Let's call this century, the "Solar Regeneration". It was such a remarkable experience. I thank them for the warm accommodation, friendship and filling more sustainable information in my green brain. I have a lot of stories to tell back to my school.

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Prakriti Dhakal | 2015-12-10 10:23:20

Prakriti Dhakal

Hi, This is me Prakriti Dhakal from Nepal. I am a opport%unity seeking volunteer and actively involved in environment and different activities in society as well as in Nationl Level.

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