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Hii dear embassador and all, My name is Brenda M. Arias Mendoza, I am Colombian, I am very happy of are in this programm, really is a good form for learn, changes experiences and look for solutions for the environmental problems in the world and in our countries, congratulations all. I talk a little about me: As an environmental leader, I have extensive experience in community processes and participation in identification of social and environmental conflicts, I have worked with people in vulnerable and they have been leading some environmental initiatives in the district capital and in the country, with the objetive to articulate proposals adjusted to the Millennium Development Goals, being a facilitator and leader in the Thematic Tables of participation in national meetings for the preparation of the Declarations of the Youth for Peace and the Environment, I was delegate of Colombia as a civil society and A participatory Actor in the declarations of the Peoples Summit Rio + 20, youth representative of Environment of Bogota and the updating the Technical Standard of Environmental Promoters for the country. I hope see all, and talk and changes experiences, A hug for all,

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| 2015-09-06 10:50:56

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