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Throught history, we have heavily relied on open frame stoves for cooking. We have constantly improved the stoves, but it wasn't enough to solve the deforestation crisis. Open flame fires pose a lot of life threatening problems including smoke-related illnesses and a greater threat to the environment, not forgetting social implications such as violence against women and girls while they are out in the field looking for firewood. Well, we have introduced a better improvement called solar sided clean cook stoves Please follow the youtube link to watch how it works; https://goo.gl/yBqpPi I will use this forum to keep you on track of how the solar aided cook stoves are changing lives in Uganda.

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Salwat Oriola | 2019-08-03 01:06:34

Salwat Oriola

I am Oriola Salwat, 17 years of age, passionate about environment and engineering, I was oppurtuned to intern at Construction Kaiser and also a pioneer at their summer camp, am also a pioneer at bright hands where we build solar c...


Omogolo Baliki | 2019-07-25 23:54:04

Omogolo Baliki

Lover of roses 💐 of trees and vegetation... High consever of my environment and just a plain old african girl 😊


Abdul Qoyyum Oriola | 2019-03-04 14:45:30

Abdul Qoyyum Oriola

My name is Abdul Qoyyum Oriola, a graduate student of university of Ibadan. I had my first degree in zoology at the Lagos state university. I am a lover of agriculture and the environment.


Balyejusa John Hillary | 2019-02-07 10:37:54

Balyejusa John Hillary

Hey, I am an enthusiastic environmental journalist determined to create awareness about the state of Eco system. Emphasizing our role in creating the current climate crisis and promoting individual and collective responsibility in...


Chabala Chisenga | 2019-01-29 19:24:15

Chabala Chisenga

My names are Chabala Chisenga,I'm a Child And Youth Activist,ZCYPWD Executive Ambassador and Eco Generation Regional Ambassador to Africa Based In Lusaka Zambia,I am passionate about the well being of children and youths all ...


Masaba Ivan | 2018-11-14 00:43:29

Masaba Ivan

i am the co-founder of Masrcorp, the makers of solar aided clean cook stoves.I've taken it upon my self to share the best eco cooking technologies to rural Uganda.I love it!

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