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[Eco-generation Ambassadors ] Greetings from the Philippines

Location: World    Eleanor Tanchoco(weluvdearth) | 2021-05-18 19:37:38 Comments 3 Comments

Greetings from the Philippines

Hi everyone! I'm Ellen from the Philippines. I'm glad to have found this site where there are like-minded people I can share thoughts with and ask for fresh ideas about living mindfully. I am also on a mission to uncover ... Read More >


[Nepalese Tunza Members] SALT

Location: Asia Pacific Nepal    Sandhya Adhikari(Sandhya68) | 2021-03-08 19:36:06 Comments 4 Comments


There are several traditional ways of controlling soil erosion, such as reforestation, terracing, multiple cropping, contouring and cover cropping.The Asian Rural Life Development Program has developed an erosion control technique... Read More >


[Eco-generation Ambassadors ] Self Introduction

Location: World    Sudura Zakir(Yashfi) | 2021-03-05 16:38:27 Comments 2 Comments

Self Introduction

I am Sudura Zakir.At present, I am student.Beside my studies I also work in different fields. I am also involved in cultural events, specially in guitar. Among all these works, no doubt, we should save the nature. So, I got involv... Read More >

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