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What can I do?

What can I do?

Location: World     Type: public     Date: 22-08-2016 00:36

What can I do? One may ask I am just a young gentleman or lady, I don't have the exposure or I have never tried this before, I come from a poor home, people always tell me that I am a loser, I can't take risk, I am not good in class or at work, I am scared, this is for the big men and women, I got abashed the last time I tried it, I hate to be criticized. The creator has planted something unique in you that only you can perform perfectly. You have dominion to do/make/execute according to the your vision. The brain in us is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings the faculty of reason. When one says something negative or believes in the negative stories about you, your brain shuts down immediately. When this happens, no amount of "medicine" can bring it back so, be wise and start believing in yourself that you can do or make it. Example a child who always get praised for the little good work done turns out to be excellent, the vice versa applies to the child who always get shouted/insulted/scolded at. What have you been wasting your precious time on? Is it games, movies, unnecessary chats, etc.? Nothing is too late. Get friends who are optimistic and not pessimistic. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. A child that always says I will try, finds himself/herself on top of the mountain." I want to take this opportunity to ask you to pick one of the areas below and start working on it Air, water, land, ecosystem, climate change, energy, and living green. What are you waiting for? Let's do this to heal the world.

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We Can Also Change Situations Affecting Our Environment – Let's Not Wait for Government

Location: World     Type: public     Date: 29-07-2016 16:01

Humanity has always produce solid waste. Despite the present concerns of individuals and the government about solid waste management in Ghana, we are is still faced with serious solid waste management problems. From observation, industrial and municipal solid wastes are commonly found in Ghana. An industrial solid waste comes from shops within the town. Municipal wastes are the trash from households. These include tins, plastic products, and polythene bags. These form the greater part of the solid waste observed on the streets, in gutters, and the back of houses in Ghana. Residents’ wrong perception and unconcerned attitudes towards solid waste management is also the cause of the unsightly solid waste spread all over the Ghana. Containers for storing solid in towns include old buckets, baskets, plastic containers, boxes, sacks, and even polythene bags which in many cases have no lids hence, the wastes are spilled off before they get to the sanitary sites. There are rubbish heaps at the rubbish dump which extends to the road side where livestock are often found feeding on them. Most gutters have been chocked by these rubbish. Rubbish dump produces a bad. When it rains, the water does not get any channel to pass through so it forces its way on the surface. This cause the rubbish to be moved from the rubbish dump to the middle of the road, homes and in extreme cases, cause flooding and erosion. I, Abrokwah Evans Twum, together with other youth leaders organized a cleanup exercise in Kumasi and educated the people who were passing by and those who lived around the locations the exercise was conducted on the impacts of waste on their lives. This program has truly transformed the most parts of Kumasi and when I pass by, I feel happy because it wasn’t the government who caused change but we the youth. Please, what are you waiting for, cause a positive change in your environment today – let’s not wait for the government else you might die before the government reaches your place.

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