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Meet the South East Asian Bayer Young Environmental Envoys 2011

by Cris Raymund Viray | 24-10-2011 20:55

Hi Guys! Last October 16-21, 2011 all the Bayer Young Environmental Envoys around the world went to Germany for a study tour and field trip.

Since I was one of the selected BYEE to represent the Philippines I want to share with you the other BYEE's from South East Asia and their projects.This is a good opportunity for me as Tunza eco-generation ambassdor to South East Asia to inspire other people through the uniqueness of the BYEE's projects.  Indeed, students from South East Asia have an eco-minds that will contribute to protect the environment and to change the world.


1. Made Ayu Dwi Pradnyawati of Udayana University

Dwi's project is about introducing the concept of organic agriculture
to primary school children. She believes that children should be made aware of
the importance of consuming healthy food at an early age. Dwi educates both
students and teachers by giving presentations and organizing field trips to an
organic farm. In addition, she initiates organic school gardens, cooking classes
and canteens. The message of her project is to stay healthy by eating healthy

2. Sarah Ervinda Rudianto of Bandung Institute of Technology

Sarah was awarded as one of the four Bayer Young Environmental leaders 2011. She  invented a small bioreactor that can easily be used in
every household for cooking. The idea is based on research into the potency
of gas generated by the decomposition of organic waste. In Kidang Pananjung
village, near the city of Garut in West Java province, firewood is still the
conventional fuel used for cooking. In addition, the villagers do not have a proper
waste management system. With the bioreactor, farm and household waste can
be processed and used as renewable energy. In her project, Sarah shares her
knowledge with the villagers by giving workshops on biogas.


1. Natassia Julianna Zaini of  University Kuala Lumpur

Natassia has organized workshops in a rural primary school. She teaches the children how to transform waste into art or other useful products, shows them how to produce natural fertilizers and explains compost activities. The products were commercialized with a marketing strategy and sold to entrepreneurs and public consumers. With her project Natassia produces sustainable products and raises the students' awareness of environmental matters.

2. Lim Gene-Harn of University Sains Malaysia

Lim has established a platform to bring together various stakeholders in the field of environmental protection. According to him, there are currently more than 80 registered NGOs and about 100 social enterprises and environmental movements in Malaysia. Lim's platform is aimed at NGOs,volunteers, youth projects, social enterprise and companies with CSR programs with a view to pooling the efforts and ideas of environmental movements more effectively.


1. Yu Ke Lim of Temasek Polytechnic

Yu Ke has designed and manufactured a solar-powered compostprocessing
unit for local community farms. This compost tumbler was installed at the community farm of "Kampong Senang", which means "Happy Village" in
Malay, at the end of August 2011. Yu Ke aims to promote the use of solar energy in local communities and highlights the advantages of recycling management.

2. Zhan Hong Low of Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Zhan Hong's project focuses on educating local communities in recycling management. Together with a group of volunteers he conducted house-to-house visits to inform the inhabitants about proper recycling. He also
organized an event with the name of "Recycling Fiesta" to raise awareness of
sustainable recycling. Through this event he was able to reach more than 10,000 local residents. Each resident brought his recyclable waste to the event so that a total of 1,694 kg was collected.

3. Jia Hui Nguan of Institute of Technical Education
Jia Hui's project deals with sustainable transportation. She worked on an environment-friendly electric vehicle named "iTErbo", which runs without
CO2 emissions. Jia Hui used this single-seater vehicle as an educational tool for
schools to illustrate the feasibility of a zero carbon transport sector. She has
also conducted numerous roadshows to demonstrate the advantages of zero
emissions vehicles to students and the general public.

4. Jonathan Tiong of National University of Singapore

Jonathan has designed a vegetable-growing kit for educational
purposes. Through his project children cultivate their own vegetables as a
research project at school. They learn how vegetables grow and thus where theirfood comes from. Jonathan's aim is that children, especially those from big cities,should become more conscious about the types of fresh produce they eat andhow it is grown.


1. Bhinyaporn Pattanasethanon of Mahidol University

Bhinyaporn is the project manager of a solar energy evaluation
program which makes it easier for users to calculate solar energy, shadow and the path of the sun. Her project supports solar energy calculation for eco-buildings and helps to reduce energy consumption in these buildings. Bhinyaporn's aim is to minimize complexity and simplify the use of solar energy.

2. Pat Pataranutaporn of PSU.Wittayanusorn School

Pat has studied the degradation of plastics in landfill soil. He searched for a microorganism that biodegrades polystyrene foam in the soil. In his experiment, mineral salt with polystyrene foam was used as the only CO2 source. After 3 months of incubation, the surface of the polystyrene foam was analyzed and compared with the control group. He was able to isolate one bacterium which biodegrades polystyrene foam from landfill soil and could be used for this purpose.

3. Doldej Schuett of Saipanyarangsit School

Doldej's project is about producing biogas from organic waste. The biogas, which can be used as cooking gas, for example, consists of manure and food waste. Through his project he has found a biological source of energy that represents an alternative to finite energy sources. Doldej has shared his knowledge with the local community and has also set up a center for information and study in his school

4. Aekarak Sethi of Mahidol University

Aekarak is the co-founder of the "Environmental Club or Nature Lovers Club". The club aims to promote environmental protection in a positive, reasonable and coherent manner within his community. The main focus is on young people and students. Various activities have taken place, e.g. the "Water Monitor Lizard Project",  "Mangrove Plantation",  "Anti-Shark Finning Campaign",  and the "Using Recycled Wastes Workshop". Another project focusing on coral reef restoration is planned.


1. Reymart Canuel of University of Baguio

Reymart worked together with several volunteers and partners to develop the "GreEnitiative" website, whose aim is to maximize reforestation efforts and raise awareness of the need to preserve forests. Reymart also organized talks about reforestation as part of the awareness campaign of his initiative in partnership with several organizations and five different high schools. As a result, 1,300 tree seedlings have been planted in different communal forests in La Trinidad. The trees will help prevent soil erosion and produce oxygen. Furthermore, the coffee tree seedlings could also provide a livelihood for the local community.

2. Alfie Desamparado of West Visayas State University

Alfie?s project "PASS IT ON" is about the environmental songs inspired by the indigenous "Aetas" community on the island of Guimaras. He was able to compose and arrange 10 original environmental songs and performed them at a series of events on various buses, motor and pump boat terminals in Guimaras and the city of Iloilo. In addition, he organized an event at three selected schools on the island. During the project, he also asked people to sign a pledge card for the environment.

3. Mary Jade Gabanes of West Visayas State University

Mary Jade was awarded as one of the Bayer Young Environmental Leaders 2011. She  initiated a project focusing on the environmental education of special-needs children. She organized training for them so they would gain a better appreciation of the environment. During art therapy sessions, she taught the children various environmental topics and explained how to protect the environment through experiential activities. In addition, Mary created a literary-musical variety show entitled "I Am Special" and organized a photo exhibition to promote environmental activism to mall patrons.

4. Cris Raymund Viray of St. Paul University of Quezon City

Cris' project is entitled "Batang Kalikasan ang Solusyon" (BAKAS),
which means "environmental kids are the solution". Its aim is to inspire children
and encourage them to help protect the environment. The BAKAS program
includes environmental camps and youth training schemes. These were held in
different communities in Metro-Manila, province of Rizal and Pangasinan for a couple of days or even one month. Through his project he was able to involve more than 500 children and 300 young people in the learning program.


1. Vân Đào Thị Bích of  University of Social Science & Humanity of Ho Chi Minh City

Vân has set up a Green Radio Show for young people which can be heard on and her university's dorm radio station. The focus of Vân's radio show is on environmental protection and other environmental topics with the aim of enriching young people's knowledge of these topics.

2. Vũ Nguyễn Ngọc Huy of University of Technology of Ho Chi Minh City

Vu has created a commercial website with the name www. ( This website sells a limited number
of vouchers with special discounts, which is made possible due to group savings. At the same time he aims to raise awareness about environmental protection through this website: Visitors are, for example, invited to participate in games involving environmental issues before they are directed to the payment process.

These young people will continue to do their projects in their home country. They will contniue the passion to inspire, involve and move other youth.

-Cris Raymund Viray, Philippines
Tunza eco-Generation- Ambassador to South East Asia