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by Shrijana Duwadi | 15-12-2013 16:48

Creativity when homogenized with enthusiasm, passion, regular hard work & patience can give birth to wonders. People with these attributes can bring positive changes in the society. I?ve always believed in these things & now a day these beliefs have turned stronger & more vibrant. I might be wrong but what I want to acknowledge is that, I think most of us aren?t happy with the society we are living in. We criticize about being indifferent about the haphazard use of energy source, about how polluted our environment is, how we are dependent on other nations of the world to fulfill our basic needs. We definitely complain about youth leading unemployed life and definitely women empowerment is the hot & happening issue of our country, Nepal.

If we can point out what?s going wrong around us, then we can also praise about impressive & positive things that have got the potentiality to influence our surrounding. I?m trying to write about a young women entrepreneur who is environment conscious, conscious about the use of renewable energy, vibrant & believes that women empowerment is indispensable for the empowerment of nation as a whole.

Her name is Sita Adhikari. She is Country Director of Nepal for Empower Generation( I happened to encounter with her when I was in my holiday trip to Sauraha (a beautiful touristic destination in Chitwan, Nepal). She has come forth with a small cottage scale industry called KALPAVRIKSHA GREATER GOODS (KGG) that sells renewable energy technology & provides a market for locally produced goods of Chitwan. Her mission is to improve the economic standards of people of Chitwan especially women through renewable energy & income generation. What I was most impressed with is that she has got multiple visions in her mind which can all work at once. Selling renewable energy technology & locally produced goods & handicrafts that are environment friendly, providing market for women & local artisans, income generation opportunities to the women who has become the victims of domestic violence & human trafficking thus helping in women empowerment & finally helping to create in-dependency to foreign goods to some extent.

She has got beautiful products to sell that are energy economic.Others include those products that have been made from those things that could go wasted if not used properly. She has got bags made up of rice sacks. Other products include elephant dung paper products, products from Sapana Women?s Skill Development Program, artistic products from Janakpur and other different parts of the country , organic honey, products from IDEAL HOME (a shelter for victims of domestic violence & trafficking) & other different domestic products.

She can be a beautiful example for everything. A example of a strong women who cares about energy crisis and clean energy, who cares for the environment, who knows how the locally available materials which we think is a trash can be changed into useful & beautiful things, who cares for other women who are economically & socially backward, who cares about how illiteracy can ruin the lives of ignorant women, how unemployment can sweep out the youth from the villages, how art can attract people & many more.

We criticize a lot about bad things happening around us and that's definitely good  but what we need to do is also to give emphasis to positive things happening around us. No matter how small the work is, it can definitely make a change because I believe that every step counts when it comes to bringing changes in society & within ourselves. Small work of every individual can bring big changes. Using the things available around us in the sustainable manner, reusing & recycling them, having faith on what we are doing & thinking positively can certainly bring positive changes. One day we might get a chance to live in the country where there is clean energy, that is environmentally clean, where there is no discrimination in the name of women, where we are totally dependent on ourselves, where we are prosperous & where we will be proud of being the citizen of that nation. We can be an example like Sita Adhikari, caring and contributing for our country and to the whole earth.