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Eco-generation at 2010 Tunza conference in Nagoya

by eznet sol | 30-05-2011 16:04 Comments 2 Comments

107.jpg 116.jpg Eco-generation at 2010 Tunza conference in Nagoya

Eco-generation at 2010 Tunza conference in Nagoya

Eco-geneation delegations and eco friends from all around the world had
been in Nagoya from Oct 20 to 26 for the 2010 Tunza International
Children's Conference on the Environment!

Around 100 children from the globe gathered at this conference and
discussed on the importance of biodiversity, draw world biodiversitymap
and exchanged culture with Japanese students.

Eco-generation, joint collaboration between Samsung Engineering and UNEP,
 held two workshop on the generatl environmental issues. The workshop as
known as 'Who's the Best Environmental Quiz Star?' invited more than 40
children during the conference.

There were two 1prize winners group each on 21st and 23rd!

Congratulations on the winners as well as the 2nd prize winners! You guys
were all great!

Eco-geneation hopes to meet you again at the upcoming Tunza conference.


For more photos from the Tunza conference, please find ecomaster@samsung.com on facebook!



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    Posted 24-12-2013 11:09

  • Lim Erika says :
    This was so much fun
    Posted 14-06-2011 12:10

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