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[Asia-Pacific] Handprint Challenge: Sustainability Challenge for Colleges in Asia-Pacific

Date: 28/Jul/2014 to 22/Aug/2014
Location: http://www.sayen.org/

by Eco Generation | 01-08-2014 15:55 Comments 59 Comments

Hand print challenge

Handprint Challenge: Sustainability Challenge for Colleges in Asia-Pacific

Supported by UNEP, this challenge aims at promoting sustainability in college students across Asia and the Pacific by asking students to form teams (not exceeding 10 members per team), identify sustainability issues on their campus and propose an action plan to be implemented by them in the upcoming months. Top teams will be given a seed funding of up to USD 1000 each (upto USD 750 for preliminary qualifiers and an extra USD 500 for final winners), to implement their action plans and carry out sustainability activities on campus. The reports from these teams will be uploaded and updated on the SAYEN website and their individual profiles on the contest page and based on their Handprint, the teams with the largest Handprint in their region will be adjudged winners and awarded the Handprint flag in an award ceremony at the end of 2014.

For more details about the challenge, please visit

1) All project submissions to the Tunza Asia-Pacific Handprint Challenge will be considered public information and will be available for free download and sharing on the competition website.

2) CEE has the right to post partial and full content of project submissions on the CEE website and social media networks, catalog the project ideas in an online database, and share submission material with others.

3) Team should be made of not more than 10 project team members with team leader and each team member enrolled as a student in a university/college as of 30th July 2014 application is to be submitted by one team leader on behalf of the team of students.

4) Only a bonafide student, who is currently officially enrolled / registered for a degree or diploma at the university/college whose status, is recognized by the appropriate authority of the country, which is of a minimum duration of one academic year and whose examination is conducted by the university shall be eligible to participate.

4.1) Students enrolled/registered in Students of Open Universities and Institutes of Open Learning and Correspondence Course Institutes of Universities shall not be eligible to participate.

4.2) Ph.D. and M. Phil. students will be eligible to participate only if in terms of the concerned University's rules they are regarded to be bonafide students and fulfill other conditions laid down in this behalf.

5) All the eligible students while participating in the challenge shall ensure that they will be active students of the college throughout the challenge

6) Only students who are less than 24 years of age and at least 17 years of age as on 01st July, 2014 can participate.

7) A student who is employed on full time basis will not be considered eligible to participate. However, the student(s) who receive salary or stipend as the case may be, from their part-time employers can participate provided he/she submits No objection Certificate (NOC) from their respective employers.

8) Student(s) shall not be allowed to represent more than one university during a single/same academic year.

9) Provisional admission to a course of university or college shall not make the student(s) eligible to represent the university.

10) In case of a student migrating from one University to another, his/her migration case will be considered eligible only after his/her admission in the new university is regularized and he/she is admitted as a bonafide and eligible student by the new University.

11) Project should follow international copyright policy requirements and include references and sources in appendix

12) Letter of intent signed by the college authorities stating support for all activities proposed by student team is mandatory with the application.

13) Seed funding will be released in two installments, an initial installment before the action project starts and thereafter the final installment upon the successful completion of the project and once the utilization certificate is received. The costs incurred towards the completion of the project in the meantime are to be borne by the participating college.

14) The multimedia to be attached along with the project and outcomes report, which shall be submitted during November 2014 by the 20 finalists should have the following specifications
14.1) Photograph(s) should not exceed 10MB
14.2) Video(s) should not exceed 50MB.

QUESTIONS AND SUPPORT: Don't hesitate to send us an email at sayen@ceeindia.org for any questions or suggestions. Once you sign-up to the competition we will provide ongoing online support and mentorship.
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    I can't believe I am already 2 years late haha Anyway hope to see such a great opportunity like this again :D
    Posted 12-08-2017 23:49

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    Posted 06-08-2017 22:10

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    Hoping for an opportunity like this again
    Posted 07-02-2017 12:31

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    We will share this type of event as soon as we have or get to know about it. :)
    Posted 26-09-2016 09:05

  • says :
    can we have current event like this
    Posted 25-09-2016 23:23

  • loice tabitha says :
    i hope this programme will take place again

    Posted 01-08-2016 17:26

  • says :
    Iam a student aged 19years with more experience about health and environmental sustainability. Currently we are organising for a youth activity program on the national youth day in Uganda under an NGO called Reproductive Health Uganda. With this we enforce and empower youth to maintain green land more effectively. I would like to also engage in the upcoming programs of UNEP.
    Posted 22-07-2016 17:17

  • says :
    good one really good
    Posted 11-06-2016 21:18

  • says :
    Thank for this perfect challenge. :)
    Posted 09-03-2016 23:11

  • says :
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Posted 17-02-2016 19:58

  • says :
    think its good

    Posted 22-01-2016 12:00

  • says :
    i hope this opportunity will be held again yeahhhh
    Posted 29-11-2015 17:48

  • says :
    Hope that the tunza team will host another program like this!
    Posted 27-11-2015 21:54

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    Hoping for the similar program in the future....
    Posted 27-11-2015 17:07

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    Looking forward to join similar program in the future
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    true, should have joined this program ....
    Posted 26-11-2015 07:08

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    Should have attended this program

    Posted 25-11-2015 00:41

  • says :
    wow. Sounds nice
    Posted 25-11-2015 00:41

  • says :
    great opportunity
    Posted 21-11-2015 21:07

Deepak  Subedi

  • says :
    a great opportunity , good program
    Posted 15-11-2015 10:40

  • says :
    someday I can do it
    Posted 15-11-2015 10:40

  • says :
    wow amazing
    Posted 15-11-2015 10:39

  • says :
    must be fun

    Posted 15-11-2015 07:38

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    sounds interesting

    Posted 15-11-2015 07:34

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    Posted 15-11-2015 07:28

  • says :
    a great opportunity
    Posted 15-11-2015 07:28

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    Posted 08-11-2015 01:09

  • says :
    a great opportunity - looking forward for the next one :)
    Posted 25-10-2015 16:30

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    Posted 22-10-2015 10:04

  • says :
    Was a really good opportunity..............
    Posted 05-09-2015 03:31

  • says :
    Well.Very Great.
    Posted 08-08-2015 20:52

  • says :
    very good opportunity
    Posted 07-08-2015 20:55

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    Posted 10-05-2015 22:05

  • says :
    missed it= =
    Posted 25-01-2015 23:52

  • says :
    Its a very good oppurtunity to all
    Posted 04-01-2015 22:47

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    The submission is closed. Please wait for the next application chance :)
    Posted 29-12-2014 10:58

  • says :
    very good opportunity!
    Posted 01-12-2014 02:52

  • says :
    i wish i knew this event before :(
    Posted 01-12-2014 00:00

  • says :
    I'm a student from Yemen and I am 25 year Can I particpate in this wonderful challenge?my University need to be such a challenge. I want to encourage people to pay attention to planting trees .Some colleges at the university there are no even a single tree.I want to draw the attention of students and professors to such work and urged them to it.My dream is to be part of a team to do the work and I want to form a team of colleagues
    Posted 30-11-2014 04:45

  • says :
    Must be fun!
    Posted 27-11-2014 23:44

  • says :
    Poor me! i see this too late :/
    Posted 19-11-2014 19:16

  • says :
    I want to join this event but I can't really find a team.
    Posted 16-11-2014 10:17

  • says :
    Wish I could join this great event ... Aww I missed the chance QAQ
    Posted 14-11-2014 12:26

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    Posted 14-11-2014 04:31

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    Posted 14-11-2014 04:23

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    Posted 14-11-2014 03:51

  • says :
    i missed this oppurtunity. i am a new member for this group. Hope u all can help me
    Posted 13-11-2014 21:19

  • says :
    Miss this great chance and opportunity! :( Hope I join this community sooner..
    Posted 13-11-2014 07:56

  • says :
    There's a chance for Moldovan people to be selected at such kind of projects?

    Posted 13-11-2014 05:54

  • says :
    Though I missed this opportunity but I can see my colleagues, brothers and sisters around me who have been selected and are working on their projects like SEW and ICT for agriculture. It feels so inspiring to see plans turn into actions. I would like to hear more about the selected projects in coming days. Wishing them all the best :)
    Posted 12-11-2014 17:10

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    @Czarlo, Sure, we would appreciate it if you invite environmentally aware friends around you to the Eco-generation platform so that they can join various events and competitions.
    Posted 04-11-2014 09:12

Czarlo Demeterio

  • Czarlo Demeterio says :
    I hope there will be a regional event for the Philippines! I can see MANY new Filipino accounts being active here for the past few months... I think one good way of promoting the platform to other people also is by inviting them to join online events/competitions. ☺ What do you think, Team Eco-gen?
    Posted 04-11-2014 02:19

  • says :
    Another missed opportunity. Aww :(
    Posted 01-11-2014 06:26

Arushi Madan

  • Arushi Madan says :
    Great opportunity , thanks for the details. All the best.
    Posted 17-09-2014 15:28

  • says :
    this is really a great initiative.
    Posted 04-08-2014 04:13

  • says :
    Its very good opportunity for all.
    Posted 02-08-2014 13:08

  • says :
    this sounds like really great oppurtunity :)
    Posted 02-08-2014 12:31

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