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[Air] Acid rain

by Eco Generation | 02-06-2011 10:24 Comments 82 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

acid rain

1.what is acid rain?

[Air] Acid rain_01

pH is a measurement of acidity or basis of a liquid, whose scale goes from "0" to "14". Water, in general, is 7 (right in the middle). Acids are found between "0" to "7" and bases are from "7" to "14".
Because rainwater often contains carbon dioxide in the air, it is more or less acid. In this vein, pH level of 5.6 is deemed normal acidity in nature and rain whose pH scale falls below 5.6 is generally referred as 'acid rain'.

2.how acid rain is formed?
1. sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are emitted in the air from smokestack of factory and power generation plant, and vehicles2. sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are mixed with other gases, travelling to the cloud.
3. inside the cloude, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. reacting with wather. creates sulphuric acid and nitric acid. both are strongly acid4. acid rain is a rain that contains bot sulphuric and nitric acids.

[Air] Acid rain_02
-The effects of acid deposition on forests are widespread and dramatic. Acid rain cause leaves and needles to wither, which can seriously damage trees and plants.  
-While soils are able to neutralize acid rain when rainwater soaks into soil, the extent to which soils can do this depends on several factors. Thus, when soils are not fully capable of neutralizing, acid rainwater contaminates soil and destroys soil microorganisms that not only help decompose fallen leaves and dead animals but also provide plants with necessary nutrients. Soils without microorganisms become infertile and make it difficult for trees to grow, as there is no nutrient to sustain life. 
- Acid rain also results in damaged tree root systems, which is caused by toxic heavy metals in the soil, which gradually weakens tree roots and the plants. 

4. domage by acid rain(II):adversely afferting lake, river and the sea.
Besides negatively affecting people and forest, acid rain has bad influence on aquatic ecosystem.
[Air] Acid rain_03
- Acid rain harms aquatic ecosystems. 
- Certain species such as snail, freshwater crabs, salmon, and trout cannot survive in acid water of which the pH level is 4.5 or below. 
- Acid rain decreases the population of plankton, threatening the entire aquatic food chain and ecosystems. 

5. domage by acid rain(III):it destroys building
- Acid rain has a corrosive effect on buildings and sculptures. For example, acids are mainly responsible for archaic marble statues with a disfigured nose. Likewise, acid rain can cause important cultural monuments and buildings to deteriorate, thus depreciating heritage and cultural assets. [Air] Acid rain_04

6. domage by acid rain knows no national borders
[Air] Acid rain_05 Because acid rain travels through wind, it affects wide region including the area it originates.
The below illustration shows contaminants from UK, Germany or the Netherlands are carried far to the forest or lake of Sweden or Norway via acid rain.
Urban pollutants contained in acid rain of US industrial cities harms Canadian environmental system while acid cloud originating from China often cause acid rain shower in neighboring regions.
written by Jeonghee Sohn
animated by Amanta


Sachin Regmi

  • Sachin Regmi says :
    Nicely presented concept on acid rain.
    Green Cheers from Nepal :) :)
    Posted 23-01-2019 12:34

Amy Lim

  • Amy Lim says :
    Thanks for sharing. :)
    Posted 10-06-2018 17:05

Amy Lim

  • Amy Lim says :
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  • Aldrin Aujero says :
    Awesome visuals! Helped in making kids understand the adverse effects of acid rain. Thanks for sharing!
    Posted 19-02-2017 17:54

T Anudeep Reddy

  • T Anudeep Reddy says :
    Point number six is worth remembering!
    Posted 04-01-2017 14:08

T Anudeep Reddy

  • amra razik says :
    the way the article is illustarted is short and easy to understand
    Posted 06-11-2016 15:53

  • So Yeon Kim says :
    Sometimes, Earth looks like a huge 'jenga' that becomes risky when only one block changes

    Posted 02-02-2016 15:59

  • So Yeon Kim says :
    I once did an experiment related to acidity, and I did some research doing that project. I believe tht if anything increases even though it is not known to be harmful to the earth, it makes problems
    Posted 02-02-2016 15:58

  • Rudie Sweetman says :
    so upsetting that this is what our factories and cars are doing to the planet.
    Posted 28-10-2015 20:27

  • Kirtan Dhakal says :
    It is very harmful for every living organism but specially plants and crops get affected...
    Posted 24-10-2015 11:42

  • ChaeYun CHO says :
    Truly, this is a serious problem. In Korea, because of acid rain, traditional heritage made out of marble (like temples) is getting destroyed. I believe that industrialization is responsible for this problem, and as stated in the article, this is a global issue that cannot be ignored in every country. I believe that obviously, it is everyone's duty to give an effort to lessen the pollution on our planet, Earth. Thanks for the informative article.
    Posted 22-02-2015 11:21

  • Hajra Rehan Butt says :
    Thanks for sharing this informative article:)
    Posted 30-11-2014 16:33

  • Hajra Rehan Butt says :
    100% true.acid rain has a really bad influence on our environment
    Posted 30-11-2014 16:32

  • Salma Bounsir says :
    I've read a lot about acid rain, this is pretty alarming! thank you for the article, it helped me a lot
    Posted 30-11-2014 02:00

  • Emina Hadzimuhamedovic says :
    For me, another interesting, yet scary effect of acid rain, is how it can damage monuments and thus I believe that proper knowledge of geographical and biological matters is extremely important for the conservation of our history.
    Posted 21-11-2014 07:30

  • Cheng Ken Ong says :
    People started to understand more about acid rain during the Industrial Revolution
    Posted 16-11-2014 09:16

  • Cheng Ken Ong says :
    One of the negative implications of acid rain is that it will corrode metal sculptures.
    Posted 16-11-2014 09:15

  • Christian Dy says :
    This improved my knowledge on the subject matter
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  • Christian Dy says :
    Very insightful!
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    This is very informative and true about acid rain.we all want to plant trees and prevent acid rain.thanks a lot for information.
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    Thanks for information which is main cause of global warming...
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    This is the one of the thing I really scared :/ If you live in a city near a industrial site.
    Posted 10-12-2013 06:57

  • Rongel Marcil says :
    Acid rain affects buildings but more importantly plants and animals. This is our fault and we should try and work together to try and fix this problem because we are having so much problems with this. It not only affects us but it also affects other places.
    Posted 04-12-2013 21:07

  • Allen Thomas says :
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    hope acid rain stops in India so that Taj mahal may remain white
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  • Rongel Marcil says :
    Let us try and improve the atmosphere

    Posted 29-11-2013 19:37

  • Rongel Marcil says :
    Acid Rain is not only causing problems in the particular place but it is also affecting the regions a little far away

    Posted 29-11-2013 19:34

  • Emre Boran Karabey says :
    Nice diagram thanks for sharing, Asid Rains are very harmful ?? wish it will stop
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    It is really harmfull for every human being so we have to be carefull .Thanks for sharing.
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    Easy to understand what actually the acid rain is and how it is becoming fatal to our lives
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    yes, its true. Here i learnt something new that acid rain clouds transfer through wind, thank you for the information
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Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Great presentation of the topic with colourful illustrations. I will share this with my schoolmates.
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    Acid rain is scary. It's not limited to a certain region
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    Yea I am happy to see soaring use of hybrid cars these days. It can clearly be one of the solution for air pollution.
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Jeonghyun Lee

  • Jeonghyun Lee says :
    I could learn that acid rain is closely related to air pollution, both of which are nasty things.. Thanks for informing, and I love the graphics!
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  • Mradul yadav says :
    We should prevent sulphur and nitrogen oxides to enter in the atmosphere via chimneys of factories and there is lot of research going on to reduce the amount.
    Posted 23-02-2013 17:56

  • Mradul yadav says :
    yup true and its very hazardous for everyone , whether it's animals , human beings , buildings , soil , atmosphere , etc.
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