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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Bitter Air

by Kushal Naharki | 10-11-2018 22:50 Comments 6 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Movies are mainly made for entertainment but some of them carry social message also. But only very few movies are made on the issue of environment. As movies reach to the larger audience, it is necessary to make more movies on environmental issues to aware more people.


Have you guys watched any movies related to climate change although Climate Change is a burning issue of the world? Kadvi Hawa (Bitter Wind) is one of the movie made on the climate change issue.It also got special mention at the National Film Award held on 7 April 2017.


Kadvi Hawa (English: Bitter wind) is a 2017 Indian drama film, directed by Nila Madhab Panday. Based on the theme of climate change, the film stars Sanjay Mishra, Ranvir Shorey and Tillotama Shome in lead roles. It was released on 24 November, 2017.


The director says that while shooting a documentary on climate change in Odisha in the year 2005 he came to know about the villages that had disappeared from the coastal line. That incident conceived the idea of making this film. The film is based on true stories from drought prone BundelKhand region and the vanishing villages from coastal Rajasthan, India.



Kadvi Hawa


Joon Ho Mentor

  • Joon Ho Mentor says :
    Hello Kushal, telling truth and publicizing it is a long fight in need of a lot of effort to do so. The director for this movie must have endured the whole process and stress during filming days. Disappearing landscape and human habitats are in close relationship, as we get deeper and closer to the core of climate change.
    Thanks for introducing the movie and hope other regional ambassadors do learn more about the invisible but 'visible' facts about climate change and so on!
    Posted 14-11-2018 23:58

Gyeongrin mentor

  • Gyeongrin mentor says :
    Hello Kushal
    Media, especially movies as more population is now getting access to and enjoy watching films, have a tremendous power that can actually send messages and make people realize things that are unseen.
    Hope no more villages would disappear by climate change.
    Thanks for introducing KADVI HAWA, I won't forget to watch this film!
    Posted 13-11-2018 19:30

Deepak  Subedi

  • Deepak Subedi says :
    Thanks for sharing about this movie, i will watch this movie when i get time.
    Posted 13-11-2018 17:45

Anishka Jha

  • Anishka Jha says :
    I have heard good reviews about KADVI HAWA but now your article has reminded me once again to see the movie. Thanks for sharing:)
    Posted 12-11-2018 19:51

Israel Adeoye

  • Israel Adeoye says :
    It must be a great movie, thanks for sharing with us.
    Posted 12-11-2018 03:16

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Today for Kadvi hawa&#9996...
    Posted 11-11-2018 17:58

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