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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] THE LORAX MOVIE

by CARLOS OCON DEGAMO JR. | 07-12-2018 15:33 Comments 4 Comments recommendations 1 recommendations

As the Lorax movie Director Chris Renaud explains:


“We came up with the idea to have Thneedville be a bit more relatable. It’s like Vegas or Disneyland or Abu Dhabi. We see ourselves in it a bit, and it is kind of fun. There are inflatable bushes and mechanical flowers and trees, and it’s a place with no real nature. Everyone seems to be happy, and they have everything they want: from giant cars to robots and other mechanical devices. But then it becomes a question about sustainability. While all this stuff is fun and great, is it in balance with the broader planet, and how do we maintain that balance?”

It begins with the efforts of a teen boy Ted, trying to figure out what lies outside the walls that surround the city where he lives. The city is a corporate-controlled environment where everything is plastic, including the trees. The richest man makes his fortune by selling bottled purified air to the populace. There are rules that prohibit anyone going outside the walls. In spite of this, Ted ventures outside to see what exists in the wasteland. He runs across the home of the Once-ler (with the voice of Ed Helms) who, with a lot of coaxing, tells Ted the story about long ago and what happened. 


When the Once-ler was a young man he invented a thing called a "Thneed." The Thneed was made from the Truffula trees. At first no one wanted a Thneed but then it became the height of fashion. To keep up with the demand for Thneeds the Once-ler embarked on a mission to cut down every Truffula tree until there was not even a single one left. He is warned against doing this by the Lorax who represents a voice of reason and nature. The Lorax tries to explain the impending environmental disaster. But nothing stops progress until the very last Truffula tree is cut down. After that, everything stops because there is nothing more to be done and no more resources to work with. The Once-ler falls from high position of wealth and power into despair and isolation. 


Ted learns he has a chance to restore the Truffula trees and that there is a seed for a single one. He takes this seed back to the city and nurtures it to life, finally reversing the path of environmental destruction to the delight of the citizenry.




Joon Ho Mentor

  • Joon Ho Mentor says :
    Hi Carlos, I just came up with my old reminiscence that I once saw that character very long time ago :)
    Story itself looks very interesting though environment and other relative issues sound boring to children.
    Trees and our environment need to be cared like 'priceless goods', more than just 'important public goods'. To do so or make people think like that might be the way to let them think like 'their property' but it has possibility of leading environmental resources and values to be thought as 'private goods'.
    Thanks for introducing interesting story, and hope to see your next report soon!
    Posted 11-12-2018 22:51

Gyeongrin mentor

  • Gyeongrin mentor says :
    Hello Carlos!

    This movie is quite interesting. The message that the movie is giving is somehow so close to our situation. Environment issues are so important nowadays. I also watched this movie so impressively. It is warning about the attitude of the modern people. When I was watching this movie I was so angry of the human being crafty but I couldn't deny it. I think this is our reality. We should be more concerned about environmental protection.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10-12-2018 00:29

Deepak  Subedi

  • Deepak Subedi says :
    Hello Carlos, Namaste
    Hope you are fine and healthy:)

    Wow story seems very interesting, I will surely watch this movie.
    Like in this movie, one day earth may not have single tree, we may save our tree.
    Thank you so much for sharing about thia movie.
    Posted 07-12-2018 22:45

Rosa Domingos

  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Hi Carlos!

    Good to see you! I have watched this movie...in the company of my nieces and true is one what even adults can take home and learn from.

    The pursuit for power, money and territory comes at an expensive cost and I don't think people understand how priceless the ecosystem is and how fragile it is. This story highlights this fact, but does bring hope.

    Thank you for you report Carlos,
    Yours sincerely
    Posted 07-12-2018 16:18

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