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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Summing up the results of 2018

by Nikolay Dagaev | 14-01-2019 22:10 Comments 10 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

The year has already come into its own, and I have just had time to sum up my work as an Ambassador of the eco-generation in 2018.
Of course, I, like all of you, dear friends, tried to involve the maximum number of people in our community. For this purpose, pages were created in social networks. Regularly published posts and articles on eco-topics in them. And the feedback received was good.
The most important thing in 2018, I believe the implementation of the project of separate garbage collection in their school. I am studying at a school at Moscow state University. We live here separately from our parents, the school gathers children from all corners of our vast country. The school is considered to be advanced, innovative, but there was no such important mechanism as separate garbage collection. By joining forces with the guys in the class, as well as with the graduate of our school - Adilya Shakirova - an environmental student of Moscow state University, we were able to introduce a separate garbage collection at the end of 2018.
We bought the containers ourselves, signed them, pasted leaflets at the school, and held a meeting at which we told the students of our school about the innovation. Difficulties in the implementation of our ideas within the school did not arise, the guys supported us. But there were difficulties associated with the removal of garbage. The company with which we initially agreed on this, was not punctual enough, violated the terms of garbage collection. But now everything is in order. We managed to agree on strict compliance with the terms of garbage collection.
Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to hold any large-scale eco-event inside the gymnasium to involve even more colleagues in this movement. Students of final classes are very busy preparing for admission to the University, participation in intellectual competitions, Olympiads. But I tried my hand at the children's audience. And the result exceeded my expectations-children were very receptive audience to environmental problems.
On Christmas holidays I stayed with my parents in my hometown. And my mother-she is a teacher, leads developing groups in children and adolescents. I asked her to let me in one of the classes to hold a quiz on eco-topics and brainstorming about the pollution of the planet with plastic. She agreed. And now I have my first experience of environmental education of children in this area. Perhaps it was at this moment that I felt like a real eco-Ambassador.
In January, I plan to interview the leaders of the eco-movement in Russia and post the interview on the official Facebook page. For example, Volodymyr Matsyuk, a businessman from Chelyabinsk. He was one of the first in Russia began processing batteries, which are collected for him Media Markt and IKEA".
I want to thank all the eco-ambassadors and mentors for the feedback I received on my articles last year. I am pleased to know that I am a part of such a large, friendly and responsible community.

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Elizaveta Zaretskaya

Elizaveta Zaretskaya

Sachin Regmi

  • Sachin Regmi says :
    Hello Nikolay
    Hope you are doing good there.
    I feel inspired to join this platform as a fellow member.
    And keep on writing these awaesome reports to motivate youths like us.
    Green Cheers :) :)
    Posted 28-01-2019 11:32

Nikolay Dagaev

  • Nikolay Dagaev says :
    Hello, Deepak and Kushal! Of course, we will always remain friends and associates! Thank you for always paying attention to my reports, it is very inspiring!
    You are both an example of true environmental leadership for me! I am glad that we are working together for one big goal. Thank you, my friends!
    Posted 16-01-2019 15:24

Nikolay Dagaev

  • Nikolay Dagaev says :
    Hello, mentor! I am very glad that my efforts have been noticed by you. When people believe in you, you feel a lot of support and it gives you even more strength. Thank you so much!
    Posted 16-01-2019 15:18

Joon Ho Mentor

  • Joon Ho Mentor says :
    Hello Nikolay, not just listing what you have done so far, but making in-depth review upon your activities finally led you move onto next projects without trouble! I do remember your first report still, and I could see how you are confident about what you are doing, planning and studying.
    This impression still remains especially when I do read your reports, and help me read your report a bit better :)
    Knowing what problem or certain initiative (or project) does require exactly truly helps you to start a new campaign or project, just like you started green education to some young students in your region, mentioned in your report.
    Hope you can proceed onto better projects and plans, and good luck with it!
    Posted 16-01-2019 10:20

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Congratulations Nikolay on your project of separate garbage collection. You have been great friend of mine and I am glad to meet you in this amazing platform. Hope our bonds stays as strong always. Hope 2019 turns out be even great for you. Hope to see many more exciting campaigns of your in coming days. You have been doing great.

    Waste management has turned out to be a serious problem. Due to the increasing urbanization, the problems of waste seems to a increasing everyday. Project of separate garbage collection is a great way of moving towards the waste management.

    Thank you for the report dear friend, hope to see you marching so much ahead in your journey.
    Posted 15-01-2019 22:18

Deepak  Subedi

  • Deepak Subedi says :
    Hello Nikolay
    Namaste, Hope you are fine and happy there

    Waste management is not very easy job, people must have culture of cleanliness or educated.
    I am happy that in 2018 you made such great effort to make your community more green and healthy,
    I wish you congratulation for your success
    I wish best of luck for upcoming events,

    Keep writing great reports.
    Thank you for your report.

    Posted 15-01-2019 19:38

Nikolay Dagaev

  • Nikolay Dagaev says :

    Hello, Gyeongrin mentor! Thank you! I will try to make 2019 the year is even more green!
    Posted 15-01-2019 16:11

Gyeongrin mentor

  • Gyeongrin mentor says :
    Hello Nikolay
    With so much waste in our society, the first is to reduce the amount that we use, but along with the reducing, the 'how' part of managing the waste is equally important. And waste management surly starts from separate garbage collection. So it is really admirable of you to have made changes to the school!
    Your 2018 really seems to have made our society greener and I am eager to read more of your further reports too :)
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!
    Posted 15-01-2019 15:01

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