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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Let me introduce a region which you should definitely visit...

by Adrianna Wojtyna | 13-02-2019 21:28 Comments 6 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Our February monthly topic is focused on the presentation of one of the exceptional places in our regions which we would like to share with the readers. The first place which immediately came to my mind after finding out the subject of the monthly article was one of my favourite places where I love spending my summer holidays. In this report, I am going to talk about Bieszczady Mountains, one of the Polish mountain ranges which are located in the south of Poland.

The highest peak of the Polish part of this range is called Tarnica with the height of 1346m[i]. It is a truly remarkable place where nature can be observed in an undisturbed state. Therefore, the part of the Bieszcady Mountains is under protection by the Bieszczady National Park.

Bieszczady are home to many endangered species, such as lynx, bear, Polish primitive horse[ii]. In addition, the largest European snake, Aesculapian snake, lives there[iii]. It is all thank to the beechen backwoods conserved in the region of Bieszczady.

Taking into account the mountainous environment and the richness of nature, Bieszczady is a perfect place for hiking during the summer, as well as skiing during the winter. There are loads of tracks which you can explore during your walking trips. You can either walk through the mountain pastures, which consists of the one of the most significant elements of Bieszczady environment[iv]. Or you can walk through the dense woods and observe bosky tracks. The first one allows you to take advantage of the beautiful views of the whole region and enjoy a pleasant breeze over your back after a tough journey up the hill. Trips along the mountain pastures belongs to my favourites, especially because you have the possibility to walk through the highest points of this mountain range.

Apart from taking tours in the mountains, it is also possible to take advantage of an artificial lake – the Lake Solina, which is also sometimes called the Bieszczady Sea[v]. It was created in 1968 after the construction of the Solina Dam[vi]. Its construction was decided many years ago after a severe flood that devastated the region. On the one hand, many villages had to be drowned to allow the formation of the artificial lake[vii]. Moreover, many beautiful architectural achievements in the form of buildings of orthodox church had to be disassembled. On the other hand, hydro power station could be constructed and the risk of flood was reduced[viii]. In addition, it allowed a development of tourism.

The dam also transform into a please where the biggest Eco-mural, by P.Truściński is created[ix].  No paint is used, only water under pressure was applied to clean some parts of the wall of the dam to create a picture[x].

Another interesting aspect of the region is the Sobień preserve area, where every unusual fauna and flora can be found. While the general climate is not warm, in this region, animals typical for warmer regions can be found, so called xerothermic fauna and flora, such as Sirio carpaticu[xi]. In addition, Cicadetta montana which is endangered in many parts of the world can be sometimes noticed there[xii].

All in all, Bieszczady is a perfect embodiment of how rich the nature can be if we can cooperate with it. The fact that there are still some places where animals and plants can thrive is a fanatics evidence that we as people can cultivate the beauty of nature.

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Joon Ho Mentor

  • Joon Ho Mentor says :
    Hello Adrianna, good to know such place where I can walk through the dense woods and observe bosky tracks. :)
    Sad to know an artificial dam in Bieszcady Mountains, but it still prevents further flood and additional damage to regional people.
    Every choice has its own advantage and disadvantage for sure, so we have to compare them and choose which way to go!
    Tourism development and securing lives of regional people was taken into account for the first time in this case, and I just wonder how did regional people did respond to public announcement to build a dam in that region.
    Thanks for your report!
    Posted 18-02-2019 17:16

Deepak  Subedi

  • Deepak Subedi says :
    Hello Adrianna
    I would love to visit this beautiful place :)
    Posted 18-02-2019 01:03

Faith  Cherotich

  • Faith Cherotich says :
    I would love to walk through the mountain pastures and take in the magnificent views. This surely sounds like a place to behold. Thanks for sharing Adrianna:)
    Posted 14-02-2019 04:53

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Adrianna

    Mountains are the beauty of our country with Mountain Everest and several other tall mountains being located in our country. I really loved to read about mountains in Poland.

    Keep writing great reports.
    Lots of love from Nepal
    Green Cheers :) :)

    Kushal Naharki
    Posted 13-02-2019 23:43

  • Balyejusa John Hillary says :
    I love mountain ranges. I live in the plains so its always a whole different experience. Thanks for sharing
    Posted 13-02-2019 23:18

Sachin Regmi

  • Sachin Regmi says :
    Hy Adrianna,
    I also live in mountain area. These are ecologically important for conservation aspect.
    Nicely written !!
    Posted 13-02-2019 22:34

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