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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Green Taxi Fleet

by Rohan Kapur | 14-02-2019 03:51 Comments 18 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations


Dubai Taxi fleet consists of 44% hybrid taxis. Recently they purchased a large quantity of new taxis out of which major number was hybrid. As per Wikipedia A hybrid car is one, which combines a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system. Unlike conventional gasoline cars, hybrids get better fuel economy, do well at slow speeds or idling, and have cleaner emissions.



Around 5 years ago The Emirate of Dubai has introduced hybrid taxis to the country, Carrying a slogan “Leadership for a Better Tomorrow” and the “Hybrid Taxi” green logo that distinguishes them from the other taxi units plying on Dubai roads, the hybrid taxis were operated with fuel and electricity making it a hybrid.


Readers, please note that hybrid taxis are more expensive than regular units but they are operated without extra charge on passengers as they will have the same fares, routes, and operation as the other taxis in the fleet. Hybrid taxis also have the corporate identity of Dubai Taxi’s red roof with the same speed and safety features.


That proves the dedication & commitment of the UAE government in taking rapid strides towards green economy. Achieving a 44% green target in just 5 years is a great achievement, considering the fact that so far all green actions are not cost effective. Cost plays a vital role in going green.


Since it runs on electric charge, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority [DEWA] has introduced many charging stations throughout the country. As of now it has installed 200 charging stations. The best part is that till the end of 2019 this is free service by them. Free parking spaces have also been introduced by Dubai Municipality for Electric vehicles.


This kind of encouragement is a highlighting factor in big strides of UAE government towards sustainability and green living.


Thanks for reading.

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Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Joon. UAE is indeed green conscious.
    Posted 22-02-2019 03:23

Joon Ho Mentor

  • Joon Ho Mentor says :
    Wow, it is always surprising to know UAE's advancement in sustainable future!
    Thanks for your report!
    Posted 18-02-2019 23:59

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Dear Deepak please do visit Dubai. Its' an un-forgetful experience.
    Posted 18-02-2019 02:24

Deepak  Subedi

  • Deepak Subedi says :
    You are welcome, I am always impressed by Dubai, I want to visit Dubai once in my lifetime.
    Posted 18-02-2019 00:58

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Gyeongrin. By doing such acts it motivates the public also to think in this direction and performing green actions.
    Posted 15-02-2019 18:18

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Enjeck. This is expensive but cost effective in the long run.
    Posted 15-02-2019 18:17

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Elizaveta.
    Posted 15-02-2019 18:16

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Kushal. The dedication & commitment of UAE is clear & undeterred in eco-conservation.
    Posted 15-02-2019 18:15

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Deepak. They have a green vision of next many decades to come.
    Posted 15-02-2019 18:14

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Sachin. The progress of Dubai rather UAE is phenomenal in this direction.
    Posted 15-02-2019 18:13

Rohan Kapur

  • Rohan Kapur says :
    Thanks Ratna. Agreed. This initiative should be encouraged.
    Posted 15-02-2019 18:13

Gyeongrin mentor

  • Gyeongrin mentor says :
    Hello Rohan
    The UAE government is truly doing an amazing job of helping to restore our environment!
    Electrical cars are quite heard nowadays but it is quite new for the government to go first in line to practice electrical cars in the forms of taxis.
    Thanks for the report!
    Green cheers :)
    Posted 15-02-2019 12:40

Enjeck Mbeh Cleopatra

  • Enjeck Mbeh Cleopatra says :
    I assume this is more expensive than the average car?
    Posted 15-02-2019 04:07

Elizaveta Zaretskaya

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Rohan

    Glad to hear about new policies and programs implemented by UAE governemnt. In past few reports from the fellow ambassadors from UAE i have known many policies and programs of UAE that are very much useful in the current context to protect the environment and these hybrid taxi is added to the same list.

    Thanks for updating us about the hybrid taxi being used in such a huge number in UAE. Clean transportation should be the focus of every nation as we are finding a great threat of air pollution and non renewable resources.
    Thank you for the great report.
    I'm am excited to read more activities from UAE.
    Keep writing.
    Green Cheers from Nepal :) :)

    Kushal Naharki
    Posted 14-02-2019 13:15

Deepak  Subedi

  • Deepak Subedi says :
    Dubai is progressing in every sector, this is next level, all other nation must follow this commendable action.
    Thank You for your report
    Posted 14-02-2019 13:09

Sachin Regmi

  • Sachin Regmi says :
    Hy Rohan,
    Dubai is going in very good direction as of new innovations and green technology.
    Thank you for the report :) :)
    Posted 14-02-2019 12:21

Ratna Bintari

  • Ratna Bintari says :
    It should be applied in all countries if it possible, especially the one with high pollution rate, thanks for sharing:)
    Posted 14-02-2019 11:29

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