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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [BIODIVERSITY]

by Thawdar Aung | 07-05-2019 02:05 Comments 7 Comments recommendations 1 recommendations

I questioned to myself "what is biodiversity?" as it is far from my studying field and I learnt that it's meaning is simple biological+diversity= biodiversity. However, to maintain the ecosystem and certain species is not an easy work in real world as it's definition. When one of species is extinct day by day or may be it may take years, our ecosystem, our mother earth will become in troubled somehow. 

As we can see in international and local news, some part of the world are under control for its emergency state. As for Myanmar, there is one species called Ayeyarwady Dolphins which can see in some part of the southern Asia, are now only left 62. The reason is the species itself is a rare one plus some electrofishing gangs and pollution in the rivers are the main cause. Consequently, The government and some environmental experts are now in the process for the best solution and we, local are also ready to help as much as we can.

In particular  , Myanmar is moderately rich in biodiversity.  The country has now a lot of protected areas and last month , 8  more aquatic creatures ( Pondicherry shark, Sting ray, Pipe fish, Narrow sawfish, Whale shark, Seahorse, Seagrass, Corals reef )are protected fully by the law. 
These are some of protected areas in the whole country,

1) Alaungdaw Kathapa (National Park )
2) Lampi Island ( Marine National Park )
3) Htamanthi ( Wildlife sanctuary )
4)  Inle Wetland ( Bird sanctuary )
5) Popa ( Mountain Park ), etc.

However the country is rich in biodiversity, if each and everyone of us do not treasure and protect it, no doubt we will lose those precious species and areas which in turn will harm human being one day.

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Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Thawadar

    Thank you for your report about biodiversity

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 17-06-2019 04:10

Thawdar Aung

  • Thawdar Aung says :
    Thanks for the feedback and I will try more!
    Posted 18-05-2019 00:55

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Hello thawdar
    For the balance of ecosystem, all the creatures of tropical zones should be in balanced state because each creatures is interdependent upon others.
    Thank you so much for this report.
    Green cheers
    Posted 17-05-2019 20:40

Louis Mentor

  • Louis Mentor says :
    Hi Thawdar,

    Thank you for writing this report. It was glad to hear that Myanmar is rich in Biodiversity and the country has a lot of area protected. With rapid changes happening in environment these days, it is really up to NGOs and the government to protect the endangered species with appropriate regulations and actions. I sincerely hope that Myanmar government will do a great job in preserving the biodiversitically rich environment in the country.

    Louis Mentor
    Posted 10-05-2019 20:41

Wonhee Mentor

  • Wonhee Mentor says :
    Hello Thawdar

    Thank you for sharing your personal opinion on biodiversity and a good example of endangered animal in Myanmar. Just as you claimed, every specie of animals and plants have their own roles in ecosystem and if biodiversity is not protected, whole ecosystem will be threatened. Also, the example of dolphins is one of the best example of how animals become extinct due to over hunting. Thank you for your report!

    Wonhee Mentor

    Posted 09-05-2019 14:51

Eco Generation

  • Eco Generation says :
    Greetings Thawdar,

    Indeed, the richness of diversity in terms of animals should be protected.
    It is bit a relief that the governments and environmental experts are taking actions to preserve the Ayeyarwady Dolphins.
    Also, it is nice to see that there are some protected areas across Myanmar. I hope the country can continue to maintain their richness in biodiversity.

    Eco Generation
    Posted 08-05-2019 08:04

Nishan kc

  • Nishan kc says :
    Of course, human are cruel to wildlife, they poached them without thinking what will happen in future.
    Nice report @ Thawdar . Thanks for your share
    Posted 07-05-2019 22:47

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