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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Theme Report for June 2019- Book Review

by Aaditya Singh | 10-07-2019 15:52 Comments 8 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

German environmentalism representing the influence of the past on today as highlighted in the book 'The Greenest Nation?' by Frank Uekoetter

This is a report based on the book 'The Greenest Nation?' by Frank Uekoetter where he explains how the past has played a role in shaping the environmentalism of Germany. He also mentions his views about what environmentalism is.

Germany and Austria have an enviable 'green' and 'environment friendly' reputation. Even environmentalists from other countries approve of the strict environmental laws and the world class technological yet environment friendly firms. Other positive aspects is the phase-out of nuclear power and how environment is involved in politics ie. The Green Party. The people are proud of these achievements and a green lifestyle to ensure a sustainable future has become part of the German national identity.

In 'The Greenest Nation?' Frank Uekötter summarizes the evolution of German environmentalism since the late nineteenth century. He mainly emphasizes on the early efforts at nature protection and urban sanitation, the Nazi experience, and civic mobilization in the postwar years. He explains that much of Germany's green reputation comes from accomplishments from the 1980s. He also emphasizes the mutually supportive roles of environmental nongovernmental organizations, corporations, and the state.

From a personal point of view, Uekötter looks at environmentalism from perspectives that people do not normally consider. These include civic activism, government policy, culture and life. He tries to eschew the usual focus on politics, prophets, and NGOs. He views German environmentalism in an international context, tracing transnational networks of environmental issues and actions and discussing German achievements in relation to global trends. When we bring his discussion up to the present he highlights the influence of the past on today's environmental decisions. 

Like the author, I also truly believe that as environmentalism is wrestling with the challenges of the twenty-first century, Germany and Austria could provide a laboratory for the rest of the world. In fact Europe in general can be taken as an example for the world to take practical lessons in treating the environment respectfully.




Rosa Domingos

  • Rosa Domingos says :
    Hey Aaditya!

    Thank you so much for reporting on this book report! I appreciate the effort you put in it and I appreciated reading it.

    Keep up doing the good work Aaditya!

    With gratitude
    Rosa Tiimuma Domingos
    Posted 22-07-2019 00:25

Aaditya Singh

  • Aaditya Singh says :
    Thank you mentors and fellow ambassadors for your encouragement and valuable comments.
    Posted 21-07-2019 01:36

Louis Mentor

  • Louis Mentor says :
    Hello Aaditya,

    Thank you for your book review and I really enjoyed reading this! Please keep writing great reports!

    Louis Mentor
    Posted 19-07-2019 00:19

Wonhee Mentor

  • Wonhee Mentor says :
    Hello Aaditya

    It's very interesting that the author tries to explain how Germany has earned 'green' and 'environment friendly' reputation in perspectives of civic activism, government policy, culture and life. In particular, I totally agree you on the fact that mutual supportive role of NGOs, corporations and local governments are required to solve environmental issues. Thank you for sharing this informative report with us. : )

    Wonhee Mentor
    Posted 17-07-2019 14:01

Nikolay Dagaev

  • Nikolay Dagaev says :
    Hello Aaditya! I have always believed that the greenest countries are the Scandinavian countries - Norway, Sweden, Finland. Thanks to your report, I made a discovery. Thank you!
    Posted 15-07-2019 20:09


  • SANDIP PAUDEL says :
    History teach great lesson

    Posted 13-07-2019 21:22

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Aaditya

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report about book review of 'The Greenest Nation?' by Frank Uekoetter. I am really looking forward for reading this book too.

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 12-07-2019 00:50

Rafa Mohammed Ashique

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