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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [Free Report] Georgian Grey Honey Bee

by Saba Iakobidze | 17-08-2019 05:01 Comments 5 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Submitted by Saba Iakobidze, Regional Ambassador in Georgia of the 22nd Eco-generation Program

Tbilisi, Georgia


Honey bees are one of the most crucial members of the ecosystem, they transport seeds of plants to soil, so they are one of the ways in which flora procrastinates, their extinction may make the process of climate change faster as the procrastination of flora will be interrupted and thus that will make global temperature higher, It is so amazing that these little pieces of wildlife are so crucial to the nature that if their extinction were to take place it would make a huge impact on climate of the Earth and wellbeing of other species.


There is Caucasian honey bee which is scientifically called Apis mellifera caucasia, however, this bee is far more special than any other honey bees, this is caused by many factors one of them being the fact that they have the longest tongue varying from 7.2 to 7.3 mm, also bees have grey colour. Queen bees are much longer than working bees having the length of 18mm – 20 mm, the average weight of queen is 0.25 grams, 0.10 grams of a working bee and 0.20 grams of a drone. This unique specimen also is more resistant to cold winters and harsh weather conditions than any other bees, they have a more economical system of eating winter reserves they also have the ability to fly in bad weather and produce much more honey than any other honey bee in the world, they have an effective system of collecting nectar. They also have immunity to many infectious diseases and have a very active defense of the hive.[1]


These grey honey bees have gotten many awards one of them was given in 1961 at International Horticultural and Apicultural Exhibition in Erfurt, two families of bees were taken there and regardless of the fact that there were bad conditions for nectar collecting they still managed to astonish everyone and gain 97 kg of honey.[2]


Alongside the great Georgian wine, honey is the largest export of Georgia and there are plans already devised to ship and sell Georgian honey to the whole world, with its healthy traits that won’t be difficult and there already is support for this great idea, Georgia launched the co-operative program to help the country’s beekeepers, Georgian honey has been on the European market from February 2016, with the internationally recognized certificate. EU experts have said that the Georgian honey is one of the best imports that EU countries can receive alongside hazelnuts and the wine.[3]


This is another example of how crucial everything in the nature is, this lets us see that not only honey bees help plants procrastinate, but they also help our economics by adding new export to the world, so we should really think about the nature because it is the only thing that helps us gain food, our whole hierarchy is built on nature and even extinction of one species which is crucial to ecosystem may cause the whole system to fall.



Supporting photos [4] and [5]

Caucasian grey honey bee harvesting nectar Types of bees in hive


Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Saba

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report about Georgian Grey Honey Bee. Honey bee is one of the most important creature on earth as it is the best pollinating agent.

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 20-08-2019 23:39

Wonhee Mentor

  • Wonhee Mentor says :
    Hello Saba

    Honey bees play an essential role in pollination. Honey bees are crucial when it comes to the growth of crops, economic growth and keeping stable ecosystem. You have well demonstrated what honey bees can do in your report. I'm worried that a number of honey bees is on the decline these days and some of species have even been extinct.
    Great work!

    Wonhee Mentor
    Posted 20-08-2019 20:38

Louis Mentor

  • Louis Mentor says :
    Hi Saba,

    Thank you for writing about our best friend - Honey Bee! After reading your report, I thought about the importance of honey bees to us as well as to the ecosystem. As honey bees are in danger due to rapid climate change, we should try to protect them as they play a significant role in our environment. Great work.

    Louis Mentor
    Posted 20-08-2019 01:09

Sunmoon  Jyakhwa

  • Sunmoon Jyakhwa says :
    This post was worth reading... It makes me realise the significance of honey bees in our eco system.. Being an agricultural student, I would love to read such posts..
    Posted 19-08-2019 22:08

Elizaveta Zaretskaya

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