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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [Thematic report] Calculating the environmental cost of one of human activities.

by Diana Gamazova | 14-05-2020 03:03 Comments 14 Comments recommendations 1 recommendations

It is going to be unusual way of describing this theme and topic, because I know what others have in mind, when they seeing this article, but today I want to describe activities, which are provided by fear of environment. If you calculate all environmental cost which, society is creating in their minds by fear of nature, you will understand, why I chose this way of retelling in my report.

So, here we go:

The most popular fear, which is connected to environment, I think it is a fear of spiders. Here is some piece of my researches:

"According to surveys, 50% of Americans and 10% of Americans are afraid of spiders. Spiders are more afraid than firearms, cars or planes" - Wikipedia

 Honestly, I am not afraid of them, however I am not a fun of them too, but this, how many people say:"Ugly" creatures are our cleaners and saviours of our own house! By making nets on the wall, or some attic, they are catching and eating small bugs, which can sit on our food and bring many bacteria from outside! So many of them are rare and really precious to the scientists, because of their net-making technology or poison. Most of them are not aggressive at all and can live with us peacefully. I know it is not so pleasant to wake up in the night and see eight pairs of eyes looking trough your eyes, directly in to your soul, but you do not have to kill it, just inspect him or her, if he or she is poisonous sand if he or she is, then just call upon special people and they will help you. Special people I meant emergency. 

Second fear is we mostly afraid of bees, that if they bight, the poisoned spot, will hurt much and with the first sight of a bee, we kill them and mostly it is happening unconsciously. Of course I know the risks for people who has an allergy for their poison and surely, they will defend themselves by this act. It is justifiable. But for all those people who don't have any problems with them, just think about how many bees are left in our planet. after a decade, if the temp of their extending will not dramatically fall, the population will be 40% of what we have now and for nowadays, I can say, the amount of bees is not enough. Jus think that the jar of honey, costed to hat population, over 100 lives of bees, therefore the bees are becoming weaker due to the global warming and now there can be already about 200 bees or more. If the bees will disappear, all your favourite fruits will too, for instance; banana, mango, apples, plums and many more! Also most of the flowers. 

I'll share with you my experience: once I was also bitten by a bee and it really hearts, but I think the risk of to be bitten by a bee is so low, even she is near you, that the mango and banana deserve even the pain from poison. 

So here is two of the fears and I calculated the damage of both of them, in general, both of fears can lead to pandemics, epidemics and hunger, over the world,  but in the worst scenery, they can lead to the death of all living creatures! So next time, when you will think about killing someone, just calculate all the damage and consequences of what will happen next or what it will done to environment. 

Bees are magnificient too! Spiders are actually cute!


Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Diana

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report about Calculating the environmental cost of one of human activities.

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 24-05-2020 23:21

Sang Su Mentor

  • Sang Su Mentor says :
    Hi Diana Gamazova, this is a mentor Sang Su Lee.

    I really love your article Diana Gamazova!! Your articles are always creative and trying to tackle the issue in different perspectives. I always smile when I am reading your articles. This article too!! Because of fear, people kill the subjects that create fear. Those subjects are beneficial to the ecosystem, and therefore this fear is not helpful for the environment. What a logic!! I will anticipate your next article too.

    Green Cheers!
    Posted 21-05-2020 18:53

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Greetings diana
    I hope you are doing well
    Wow, you explained in an amazing way. Spiders and bees are good to environment.
    Thank you so much for this report
    Green cheers
    Asmita Gaire
    Posted 19-05-2020 16:01

Diana Gamazova

  • Diana Gamazova says :
    Thanks for every one!
    Love you and green cheers!

    Posted 17-05-2020 22:49

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Wonderful report Diana. Thanks for sharing it.
    Posted 17-05-2020 16:48

Jasmine Karki

  • Jasmine Karki says :
    Greetings !!
    I do hope you are all good..

    Thank you so much for sharing this report with us!!
    It was awesome to go through it .
    Hope to learn more from you on upcoming days..

    Green cheers
    Jasmine Karki
    Posted 17-05-2020 15:45

Aarati Khatri

  • Aarati Khatri says :
    Hello Diena, Yes phobia in humans exits in many form.But insect phobia or any conservative thoughts related to it has also become one of the reason of killing them. we are less known about how even this small creature have create a balance in our eco system. Hope our conservation attitute towards them wins more than our phobia and negligence towards them.
    Thank you soo much for the report.
    Sending you warm wishes from Nepal.
    Posted 17-05-2020 13:05

Anthony Duxell Malle

Taehyun Mentor

  • Taehyun Mentor says :
    Hello Diana Gamazova, this is mentor Taehyun!

    I think it's really refreshing to see the environmental costs arising from the fear of nature! I didn't even think about it. Since the concept of environmental costs itself has a strong abstract feeling, this abstract estimation also seems to be suitable for environmental costs. I'm afraid of creatures like spiders, and it's amazing that we can create a variety of environmental costs like those in the article! Great interpretation of the topic was really fun!

    Thank you for the report!

    Green cheers!
    Posted 15-05-2020 17:22

Justice Obiri

  • Justice Obiri says :
    Wow!, I love this report. You made a very good point about spiders and how they help protect our homes with their feeding on bugs. A nice and well written report, keep it up Pal!

    Green Cheers!
    Posted 15-05-2020 11:38

Samiksha Adhikari

  • Samiksha Adhikari says :
    Thanks for amazing report. Keep delivering !!
    Posted 14-05-2020 17:10

Sonika Pariyar

  • Sonika Pariyar says :
    Hello Diana!

    I hope you are fine and doing great!

    I enjoy reading your report,it was amazing.
    Yes ,as you mentioned I am also scared from Spider and bees.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Posted 14-05-2020 16:31

Bal krishna Pandey

  • Bal krishna Pandey says :
    thanks for introducing this content. unique and entertaining.

    Posted 14-05-2020 15:27


  • ALOK DHAKAL says :
    It was amazig report, Keep Writing!!!
    Posted 14-05-2020 13:31

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