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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [Thematic Report] The Cost That We Cost Ourselves

by Anocha Simma | 20-05-2020 22:14 Comments 6 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

The Pollution Control Department of Thailand acknowledges that 'industrial plants' still cause the most environmental impacts in nearby areas due to lack of awareness in managing hazardous wastes. Mr. Wichian Jungrungruang, the Director-General of the Pollution Control Department, said that Thailand is experiencing environmental pollution in many aspects, such as waste, which must be declared as  'National Agenda', especially in urban areas and industrial sections. According to the Public Health Act 1992, to promote waste separation from the beginning to the final disposal properly, at the moment, the government is speeding up the issuance of regulations for waste segregation, waste collection, waste disposal, rates of handling and storage fees. 

As for air quality problems, excessive amount of dust in the air detected above the standard in the Bangkok and metropolitan area, which is mainly caused by the use of vehicles while in the north, it is caused by open burning and bush fires. Another problem I happen to notice myself is that what contributes to this very issue the most is caused by quarrying and cement plants which produce unbelievable amounts of dangerous and unhealthy dust across the areas they are situated in. Normally, the main problem of the cement industry is dust, which can be divided into 3 main groups as follows; 

  1. Dust generated by the conveyor system, including dust caused by dispersing cement at various points

  2. Dust caused by automobile transportation within the factory

  3. Dust caused by releasing through the vent

The serious and urgent case that needs to be seen to as fast as possible is the surpassing-the-standard dust problem in Saraburi province. Saraburi Province is considered a province that is the largest source of cement production in Thailand and was reported in 2019 that the number of days that the dust exceeds the standard is 165 days from the measurement of 362 days, calculated as 46 percent excessive when compared with 2018’s, which was only 27 percent above the normal and benign quality of air (27-303 micrograms per cubic meter).

No matter what kinds of human activities that lead to waste and air quality problems, they are still leaving heavily negative consequences upon us as a whole. As for poor and nonstandard waste management, we may experience it by unknowingly consuming the microbeads lurking in any parts of consumable sea animals, such as tunas, mackerels, squids, octopuses, shrimps or even birds that feed on these animals. Shockingly, the other problem introduced here can affect our health in the long run. Air quality problems can, for one thing, cause lung cancer which is one of the fatal ailments there is in this world when intaking for a good period of time. I believe these problematic human actions can still be processed with an appropriate cost that we ask of nature. Maybe in the near future, the industrial sections across the planet will find a mutual way that effectively ends or at least reduces all the current harm that they do to the environment.






Sang Su Mentor

  • Sang Su Mentor says :
    Hi Anocha Simma, this is a mentor Sang Su Lee.

    This article shows really strong message. 'The cost that humans have incurred to the environment must return to us directly!' I strongly agree, but many people do not seem to care because they believe that they won't get back the cost until they die. However, for our future generation, humans must care for the environment from right now!

    Thank you for your article~
    Posted 26-05-2020 22:27

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Anocha

    I do hope that you are fine and doing great with your works.
    Thank you for your report about The Cost That We Cost Ourselves

    Green Cheers from Nepal :)
    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.

    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 24-05-2020 22:15

Taehyun Mentor

  • Taehyun Mentor says :
    Hello Anocha Simma, this is mentor Taehyun!

    Thank you for your article accusing the factory of air pollution! In the case of factories, we often produce necessary items or goods to make life easier, but it seems that such a factory without proper environmental protection is harmful to us. Of course, it's hard to think that we're accusing people now and telling people that factories will actually change soon, but if we keep trying, it'll change someday, right?

    Thank you for the report!

    Green cheers!
    Posted 24-05-2020 03:09

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Greetings anocha
    I hope you are doing well
    Nice report with good suggestions

    Thank you so much for this report
    Keep writing
    Green cheers
    Asmita Gaire
    Posted 22-05-2020 14:38

Sonika Pariyar

  • Sonika Pariyar says :
    Nice report!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Posted 21-05-2020 22:38


  • ALOK DHAKAL says :
    Thanks for sharing your report!
    Posted 21-05-2020 01:06

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