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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] Increased Flood and Landslide in Nepal in recent weeks

by Sagar Koirala | 25-07-2020 10:24 Comments 27 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Nepal has been facing tremendous flood in past few weeks. Despite the late monsoon, floods this year caused significant damage as compared to recent few years. According to initial assessment around 400 houses were damanged and property worth millions have already destroyed.Country has been hit with floods and landslides due to incessant rainfall, resulting in at least 132 people losing their lives in past 40 days in the Himalayan country. 53 have been reported missing and 128 injured due to the floods, according to Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority .
Western Region is the most affected region with Myagdi as the worst affected district. Myagdi alone had a death toll of 27 in recent 10 days. Several districts like Sindhupalchowk, Tanahun, Parbat also witnessed considerable human and livestock toll. It is pretty frustating to see human beings exploiting resources for their personal benefit and not contributing much for the environment. This year the death toll due to flood and landslide reached highest number as compared to recent few years.
The flood and landslide has been mainly related to climate change, increased land encroachment of river banks, breaking sloppy hills for commercial purpose without analysing its impact on surrounding environment. We human must be environmentally conscious and must not drive development activity with considering its negative impact in environment. For every tree cut, we must plant 5 more trees . Lets protect and conserve environment.
Nepalese Flood


Shobita Neupane

  • Shobita Neupane says :
    Hello dai,
    This is another amazing writing of yours I read today. Thank you.
    Posted 13-08-2020 13:28

Dibya Bhatta

  • Dibya Bhatta says :
    Greetings from South Korea!
    I hope you are doing well
    Amazing report!
    Stay motivated!
    Green cheers
    Dibya Bhatta
    Posted 04-08-2020 16:14

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Greetings Sagar dai
    I hope you are doing well
    Very disheartening fact
    Thank you so much for your report.
    Keep writing
    Green cheers
    Asmita Gaire
    Posted 04-08-2020 01:39

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Sagar

    Greetings and Namaste from Nepal
    Wishing you a safe stay
    Thank you for your report on increased landslides and flood. They are definitely linked with climate change as Nepal is fourth vulnerable to impacts of climate change

    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.
    Green Cheers :)

    Best wishes,
    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 03-08-2020 20:35

Sang Su Mentor

  • Sang Su Mentor says :
    Hi Sagar Koirala, this is a mentor, Sang Su Lee.

    First of all, I really hope that you stay safe from the heavy rainfall. The world is going crazy right now, especially this year. China's biggest dam called "Three Gorges Dam," is about to be destroyed because of extreme rainfall. South Korea is also suffering from the heavy rain fall and flood. The weather is getting extreme...

    Green cheers~
    Posted 01-08-2020 23:59

Rafa Mohammed Ashique

  • Rafa Mohammed Ashique says :
    Ahlan Sagar Koirala!
    Greetings from UAE

    First off, congratulations on this post. The report is Informative. Thank you for sharing

    Posted 30-07-2020 20:43

Taehyun Mentor

  • Taehyun Mentor says :
    Hello Sagar Koirala, this is mentor Taehyun!

    I can't believe there's been a flood damage in Nepal. I hope things calm down really quickly. I think it's a disaster caused by excessive development. I hope you can explain why we need to develop it while thinking about the environment. I hope there is no big damage and take care of your health.

    Thank you for the report!

    Green cheers!
    Posted 28-07-2020 23:50

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

Chloe Ejisun

  • Chloe Ejisun says :
    Hi Sagar,
    This is very heartbreaking but informative. I hope we all see these signs as a reminder from nature- It needs help and fast.Stay safe!
    Posted 26-07-2020 20:53

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Hello Sagar dai,
    I do hope you are staying safe with a sound health,
    It really feels so stunned to see such a havoc condition,
    Flood and landslides has destroyed all the infrastructure along with the human life,
    Being the residence of terai area of Nepal, I can relate this condition as i have also encounter minor calamaties,
    I pray all mighty for the safety of everyone,
    Thanks for writing,

    keep sharing,


    Posted 26-07-2020 19:08

Malika  Rustamova

  • Malika Rustamova says :
    Thanks for sharing. I hope government could help people who lost homes. Agree that more trees should be planted.
    Last month in Uzbekistan was similar situation, a lot houses and buildings were damaged. We should protect environment, because this means protecting ourselves.
    Posted 26-07-2020 18:41

Pooja Gyawali

  • Pooja Gyawali says :
    Hello sagar dai !!
    Feels sad to hear this.May people be concerned about the activities that affect environment.
    Posted 26-07-2020 17:53

Yushika Subedi

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

Sagar  Koirala

  • Sagar Koirala says :
    Thank You Balkrishna dai
    Posted 26-07-2020 14:15

Aarati Khatri

  • Aarati Khatri says :
    Greetings Sagar dada,
    I hope you are doing fine and is safe wherever you are.
    It's so sad to see many human construction and valuable life being displaced by the ongoing Flood and Landslide in Nepal which is also the result of human activities like encroachment, climate change conversion of Forest area into Agricultural land.
    Thank you so much for sharing the information through your report.
    Keep on writting.
    Posted 26-07-2020 12:06


  • ALOK DHAKAL says :
    These are such a sad news we are listening from few days,hope government will take actions against this in reducing this!

    Posted 26-07-2020 11:45

Susma Thapa

  • Susma Thapa says :
    I hope you are fine and doing well,
    Don't know what's happening in this earth,
    One after another sad things, happening,
    But let's hope and also let's give our 100% to conserve our mother earth.
    Keep doing, keep inspiring us,
    Posted 26-07-2020 00:02

Sonika Pariyar

  • Sonika Pariyar says :
    Hello Sagar dai!

    I hope you are fine and doing great!

    Such a sad news we are listening from few days !
    Hope government will look after homeless people due to landslide and floor.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Stay safe!

    Posted 25-07-2020 23:47

Bal krishna Pandey

  • Bal krishna Pandey says :
    Hello Sagar,
    It is sad news that people are dying these days due to the natural disasters like landslides and flood. Unsustainable development and deforestation are the major causes i think. I hope there will be implication of sustainable development.
    Posted 25-07-2020 17:02

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