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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [Free Report] Educating the Future Generation: Sustainability Education - Green Schools Alliance

by Catherine Shim | 12-08-2020 21:52 Comments 7 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Welcome back to the second report of the series “Educating the Future Generation: Sustainability Education!” In order to create a sustainable society, it is imperative for our generation to be educated on sustainability. Education has been recognized as an essential element to promote awareness and increase understanding on pressing issues of the world. By educating today’s youth about sustainability from a young age, it will help our generation to actively address the critical issues and generate awareness of the importance of sustainability. This report will cover Green Schools Alliance, a sustainability education program participated by schools over 91 countries. 

Green Schools Alliance

Green Schools Alliance is an alliance of schools around the world that strive to nurture sustainable school communities. In the Global Schools Alliance, the schools have access to different materials to support sustainable endeavors in their curriculum. Green Schools Alliance employs a unique approach to sustainability: a whole-school sustainability from a systems approach. It focuses on three areas: physical space, organizational culture, and educational program. Through this focus, the program aims to achieve sustainability in the school facilities, education, and workflow within schools. Green Schools Alliance also features competitions and challenges for students and schools that provides opportunities for students to have hands-on experience where they can actively engage in advocating for sustainability in their community. The program has recently launched the OnAir challenge, which is a STEM-focused initiative where students tackle air pollution and traffic congestion in their area through utilizing digital platforms. Another unique challenge is the Green Cup Challenge where schools monitor their energy usage and find ways to conserve energy and reduce waste. 

One of the active advocates of this program are Sustainability Champions. Sustainability Champions are individuals who are willing to actively spark change in their community towards sustainability. Green Schools Alliance offers networks for individuals to develop their skills and brainstorm ideas for their potential campaigns. By providing an environment for these individuals to engage with different schools, it creates a network for advocates to support each other. 

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Green Schools Alliance: https://www.greenschoolsalliance.org/home


Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Greetings Catherine
    I hope you are doing well
    Thank you for your report
    Keep writing
    Green cheers
    Asmita Gaire
    Posted 19-09-2020 11:16

Sang Su Mentor

  • Sang Su Mentor says :
    Hi Catherine Shim, this is a mentor, Sang Su Lee.

    As your article points out, it is imperative to educate the younger generation because it will be the one who will lead the future. Education is indispensable because it can change the mindset on how people should perceive the environment right now. Appropriate education would lead the future generation to endeavor a lot to save the environment.

    Green cheers!~
    Posted 26-08-2020 00:57

Kushal Naharki

  • Kushal Naharki says :
    Hello Catherine

    Greetings and Namaste from Nepal
    Wishing you a safe stay
    Thank you for your report sharing about Green Schools Alliance

    Keep writing great reports.
    We are eager to read more reports from you.
    Green Cheers :)

    Best wishes,
    Kushal Naharki

    Posted 13-08-2020 21:50


  • ALOK DHAKAL says :
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Posted 13-08-2020 15:03

Taehyun Mentor

  • Taehyun Mentor says :
    Hello Catherine, this is mentor Taehyun!

    Thank you for your series on green education! Our generation is a generation that can change the Earth in an environmental crisis. If we want to change the environment by having different values from the older generation, I think we can definitely change the environment in a good way. In that sense, I think green education is really important to make us have different values from the older generation.

    Thank you for the report!

    Green cheers!
    Posted 13-08-2020 12:40

Aarati Khatri

  • Aarati Khatri says :
    Greetings Catherine,
    I hope you are doing fine and is safe wherever you are,
    I am also a strong believer that Education can be an essential element to promote awareness and increase understanding ding on pressing Environnement issues of the world.
    Thank you so much for shedding lights on Educating the Future Generation: Sustainability Education through your report.
    Keep on writting.
    Posted 13-08-2020 00:41

Pratik Dawadi

  • Pratik Dawadi says :
    Really Green school allince is the good platform for the youth to work on the environmental problem. The environmental challenge is a bad effect to Earth. We should conduct such allience progremme forward.
    Thanks for your great alliance Catherine Shim .We will support you.
    From Nepal

    Posted 12-08-2020 23:47

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