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Ambassador report

Ambassador report

[Ambassador report] [Thematic report] Ecosystem changes due to climate change.

by Anthony Duxell Malle | 21-09-2020 19:35 Comments 6 Comments recommendations 0 recommendations

Climate change alters the life cycle of animals on land as well as those below the Ocean ecosystem. For example, as temperature rise,some animals are waking from hibernation sooner or migrating at different times.Many plants began to bloom earlier in the spring and survive longer into the fall.Unfortunately, the animals and plants that can't migrate are suffering and even going extinct. The rise in global temperatures is affecting everything from animals metabolism to productivity, behaviour and habitats. Climate change has impacted plant growth as well,forcing changes like altering dates for wine grape harvesting.
    Climate change effects in the Ocean ecosystem with changing temperatures on land and in the sea, land animals aren't the only ones affected. Fish have to migrate further north to find colder water, and coral reefs are dying, which disrupt the entire food chain.


Mun WooJooMentor

  • Mun WooJooMentor says :
    Hello Anthony,
    this is your mentor WooJoo.

    Thank you for sharing your first report with us.
    I agree that climate changes are making animal's migration difficult,
    and they are in danger of extinction.
    All kinds of ecosystem around the world is being affected,
    so we should be the responsible ones who prevent further changes in nature.

    IMPORTANT: There's a report format that you should follow.
    **Each report should be minimum 3 PARAGRAPHS, in order to be counted as one.**
    Please for the next time keep this is mind.

    Best wishes,

    Posted 26-09-2020 00:23

Sandhya Adhikari

  • Sandhya Adhikari says :
    Greeting and Namaste Anthony from Nepal,
    I hope you are staying safe and doing great with your works,
    Climate change has wide spread impact on all most every ecosystem and biodiversity, calcification of coral reef is becoming major problems in the ocean biodiversity due to climate change, this is the global concern and everyone must emphasize on this issue,

    Thanks for writing your reports,
    We are looking forward to read more from you in coming days.

    keep writing,

    Posted 22-09-2020 13:13

Shobha Pokhrel

  • Shobha Pokhrel says :
    Hello Anthony ,
    I hope you are doing well .
    Thank you so much for sucn an insightful report related to ecosystem change due to climate change .
    keep sharing .
    Eager to know many more from you.

    Posted 21-09-2020 22:33

Asmita Gaire

  • Asmita Gaire says :
    Greetings, Anthony
    I hope you are doing well
    A lot of change have been spotted. Looking forward to read more detailed report from you.
    Thank you so much for your report
    Keep writing
    Green cheers
    Kind regards
    Asmita Gaire
    Posted 21-09-2020 21:37

Meena Pandey

  • Meena Pandey says :
    Hello Anthony!!
    I hope you are fine and doing great.

    Thank you for such an insightful article related to ecosystem changes due to climate change
    Climate change has affected almost all biodiversity and ecosystem.

    Keep writing and shining.
    Hope to know more from you.

    Warm regards,

    Posted 21-09-2020 21:03

Puja Khadka

  • Puja Khadka says :
    Hello Anthony Duxell Malle.
    Greetings from Nepal!
    Thanks for sharing wonderful article related to climate. Climate change is very harmful for all living organisms existing on Earth.We must be concerned on this matter.
    With Regards,
    Puja Khadka
    Posted 21-09-2020 19:58

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